Happy December!
Second frost of the winter here in Somerset. Frosts here ARE winter, in a way, as we haven’t had proper snow since the ‘Beast from the East’ in March 2018.
Leaving some fruit on trees is a great resource for birds & late insects - there are still some active wasps & flies out foraging.
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The #AttackOnNature continues with the Retained EU Law Bill (#REUL ) Catch up NOW on our most recent #WildlifeTrusts #WildLIVE where our panel discussed just what this Bill means for nature and us. 👇

This is #whereiwrite. Sometimes I get distracted and do other things here. Thanks for asking, @wildlifestuff

I love it in here. There's currently a hashtag named #thicktrunktuesday that is basically pics of massive, beautiful trees.
I humbly submit El Tule, an incredible ahuehuete from the state I was born, Oaxaca. It's over 2000 years old. "Tule" means "Tree of Enlightment" #Oaxaca #Mexico #ElTule It has the thickest trunk in the world.

For beneath a special tree. Where time stands still, just for a while and, in my winter dreams, birds always sing and the breeze is forever warm.

Great to be able to highlight in this month's BirdWatchingMag
the good that nature-nurturing farmers - Andy, Rory and Laura
- do for birds & Dr Gavin Siriwardena's
BTO criteria for sound future agri-environment incentives...suburbanwild.wordpress.com/202

It's today. So here's a shout out to all , paid and unpaid, and those who aren't YET carers (most of us will be at some point in our lives).
Please this to make sure know their rights www.carersuk.org/news-and-campaigns/carers-rights-day/find-out-about-your-rights

"In the most unlikely place..." was the topic of the online nature-writing workshops I led last week & these are the lovely lovely #ThumbnailNature outputs💚freelancenaturewriter.com/2022

@Horton_official Have just read your blog post and wanted to 👋

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