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Weather models suggest a period of NAO- in December, but it's good to recognize that negative NAO is not what it used to be.

Quick calculation of T2m anomaly during negative NAO days suggest ~3°C rise of temperatures in 43 years.

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(1772-1864) London pharmacist, amateur meteorologist and was born 250 years ago today. He named the 3 main cloud types – stratus, cumulus and cirrus and thought they were visible signs of atmospheric processes

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Landslides have destroyed buildings and left residents cut off on the Italian holiday island of Ischia, authorities say.

Heavy rainstorms and flooding caused several landslides in the town of Casamicciola Terme, around 20 miles off the coast of Naples.


There’s a lot of hype at the moment about the forthcoming pattern change from mild, wet Atlantic-driven westerlies to more continental-type blocked across NW Europe from next week.
However, the only severe winteriness at the moment is likely to be huge heating bills!

A new STATION RECORD has been set! (Records from 2009)

After another 26.8mm overnight in east : -

• November 2022 is the wettest month on record with 237.4mm
• November 2022 has received 236.2% of normal rainfall (Bournemouth Airport 1981-2010)

More wet incoming, as seen from this morning’s image.
⚠️ Warnings are in place.
It’s hard to believe we are at last about to enter a quieter, drier period dominated by .

⚠️ Yet more wet weather incoming tomorrow afternoon and overnight, but turning drier next week as winds turn easterly. Often cloudy and chilly, but by no means cold (yet).

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⁦@[email protected]⁩ ⁦@[email protected]⁩ ⁦@[email protected]⁩ here comes the next stormy band approaching with wind really gusting strong now on Sandbanks beach and sand blowing like sandstorms 12.25 very high tide too right up beach.

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