On the evening commute? Put your headphones in and join us as we chat to Lorna Quin about the Second World War in Northern Ireland and her latest book of wartime recollections.

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War Memorials across Northern Ireland take many forms such as these designs in Holywood, Tandragee, Newcastle, and Whitehead.

Today, people will gather to remember those who gave their lives in both World Wars at these monuments.

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As many are doing lovely introductions and letting everyone know the great work they do, we thought it best to join in.

I'm Scott - yes, the team is one person - and to get a feel for what we do here, you can listen to the first 13 episodes of our 'A Wee Bit Of War'.

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WartimeNI is the digital platform for all things Second World War related in Northern Ireland.

I’ve now been researching Ulster’s role for the last decade. I’ve visited airfields, beach defences, bunkers, shelters, memorials, and bomb sites. I’ve researched royal visits, the Belfast Blitz, and the arrival of 300,000 American GIs.

WartimeNI aims to tell a complete story of Ulster during the war. There’s much more to it than just military history. If it’s got a good story, we will cover it.

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