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For all us new here how about using to find and learn about each other?

After 28yrs mapping, studying & conserving plants career highlights incl ballooning over the Cameroon rainforest, finding a horsetail hybrid new to science, creating & sharing a stage with Sir David Attenborough.

I’m now freelance ( surveying rare plants & writing a book on Urban Plants.

I adore all plants but esp & and I love hunting plants.

The start of needs to be celebrated with an ice encrusted Polypody. When very heavily frosted (-5oC or lower) the fronds roll up tightly, creating the most beautiful transient sculptures

Rosa pendulina L.
Pian Fretto (Sassello, SV, LIG, IT) - 1090 m - June 24, 2022.

Notes: European Orophyte. Being calcifuge, it is infrequent in the Ligurian Alps, while in the Ligurian Apennines its presence is concentrated above all in ultramafic outcrops. Being a typical plant of montane and subalpine coniferous woods, it is difficult to think that it can grow even in a hostile environment like the one in the photos.
#WildFlower #Florespondence @plants @wildflowers #macrophotography #botany

Don't under-estimate the little trees! In 2009 I analysed cores from these two ash trees in the same scattered wood pasture at Loch Katrine in Scotland.

The large tree has a girth of about 4m, the small tree 1.5m - but they both started growing in the late 17th century. That's right they are the same age. I've found girth is often a poor guide to tree age.

These wonderfully biodiverse wood pastures are under conservation management by FLS.

As requested @wildtreeadventures

A bit early but here are my finds for this week! A bit soggy as we have had so much rain, but still looking beautiful, Musk Mallow, Malva moschata, on the left and on the right Bush Vetch, Vicia sepium.

Hey, I'm new here! I'm currently a research associate at Virginia Tech working on pollinator conservation in cattle pastures. I'm a bee specialist with broad interests in sustainable agriculture, ecology, insect behavior, and conservation. I love cross-disciplinary collaborations, pretending to be good at mathematical modeling, and bizarre insect facts.


#bees #conservation #sustainableagriculture

Bilateral gynandromorphism is a pretty rare occurrence where an animal is a half-male, half-female, split right down the middle. Like this common blue butterfly - male on left, female on right. Weird! But seriously wonderful…

Very excited this is going to be in my big children’s nature book for autumn 2023 which I start writing next week.

#nature #wildlife #butterfly #entomology #AmWriting #ChildrensBooks
Photo: Burkhard Hinnersmann / Wikimedia Commons

Some urban odds and ends from Newcastle this

📸 Charlock, Clustered Bellflower, Cut-leaved Dead-nettle, Fool's-parsley, Balkan Spurge, Black Nightshade, Oxford Ragwort & a stray Nemesia. Still so much to see...

Cow Parsnip for #Wildflowerhour 🌿 Majestic & isolated, I went for an architectural shot. Standing ½ metre high, flowering in #Mountsandel #Forest Just one plant. Very little else was flowering except Ivy & Herb Robert.

#Flower #Flowerphotography #Wildflower #naturephotography #Coleraine #NI #North of #Ireland

Sweet Alison (Lobularia maritima) still flowering its socks off on Deganwy beach in late November and filling the cool air with its honey scent. It might originally be from the Mediterranean, but it’s very at home here in north Wales

I couldn't find anything about this in English.

But summarizing it, the article says that during the pandemic lockdowns in Santiago de Compostela, there was a chance to study pavement temperature. It was discovered that in places where the grass and moss was not removed, the temperature was up to 20 degrees lower than in places where it was.

More moss and grass make our physical spaces more liveable in these times of #ClimateCrisis.

#SaveTheMossSaveTheWorld #Mosstodon

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The Welsh phrase - "dod yn ôl at fy nghoed" means "to return to my trees", literally translating as "to return to a balanced state of mind"

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 #Cymru #Wales

#AncientWoodlands #AncientTrees #Woodlands #Trees #Health #ClimateAction

Well, if you wander over to Achnashellach Forest, you’ll find a chunk of it has been felled. There are still plenty of beautiful sections and all the ancient Caledonian pine are still there. However, this particular route through the main plantation was fairly barren. For some reason, this individual tree had been left standing alone. It’s not my usual type of shot, however this monument to what was lost spoke to me as I approached down the track.
#Photography #WoodlandPhotography #Pine

Hello ! I guess we'd better add an !

Founded in 1935, the aims of the Prehistoric Society are to:

• Encourage & support high-quality research
• Foster skills & expertise needed to investigate
• Disseminate about our prehistoric past
• Raise awareness of value of prehistory
• Speak out for
• We produce a journal & newsletters, organise (many FREE & online) & give out

Dreaming of carboniferous coal swamps 🌿 Alethopteris and Calamites from the Scottish Coal Measures of Fife 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Black Spleenwort (Asplenium adiantum-nigrum) is often overlooked for larger, more glamorous ferns, but there’s something about its neat little fronds that really tickles my fancy. These are growing on the ancient earth-rock banks of our lane

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