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What I'm particularly enjoying is that this platform is proving the rule: give humans limitless ability to communicate and connect and we'll give you pictures of our

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A lot of people are misunderstanding the topics on

These are not the topics I want! There are a LOT of important topics missing from the directory!

I am not happy about this situation at all, but can only add a topic when there is at least one account to put there.

Really need your help here 🙏

If you know an account that focuses on a particular topic, please tell me about it. Don't worry if there's no topic on the site for it, I will add topics as needed.


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This isn't the first time I've had a nightmare with @[email protected]

In the summer I bought some jeans the seller had listed as the wrong size and ended up paying two lots of postage with no jeans at the end of it.

At the point where I don't want to use vinted anymore 😔

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An update: spoke to @[email protected] about as much use as a chocolate teapot "we don't issue the posting labels, take it up with vinted"

Contacted @[email protected] "find a friendly agreement with your buyer"

So it looks like because Yodel mixed up my parcels I now have to pay to sort it out

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Here's my bag of beautiful foraged bits - I found some more gorgeous dried seed heads and rosehips after I took this photo too

I can't wait to make my Christmas wreath and who knows, maybe I'll win the village competition this year 🤞

I haven't done @3goodthings for a little while so here's today's

1. Lovely postnatal pilates session this morning

2. Made the most of the dry weather with a walk around the village to forage greenery for my Christmas wreath

3. Bumped into two friends and had a lovely little catch up

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I find it amazing how quickly academic Twitter has ceased to be. All the interesting stuff seems to be at Mastodon these days. So now that we're at it: could we maybe also just get rid of academic publishers by massively defecting to diamond open access journals?

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Great system from @[email protected] where they print the delivery labels for your @[email protected] items in designated stores who then put the labels on the WRONG parcels so you have the headache of trying to sort it out whilst also wiping out any money you may have made from the sale 😓

Absolutely gutted to hear about Christine McVie

Such an beautiful voice and incredible songwriter 😔

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Another gorgeous autumn walk today along the Rochdale Canal.

My favourite thing is the way the water reflects the trees and the sky

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There is a large evil machine eating all the neighbors trash and only my dog’s diligent and vocal protection can save us now.

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Workout is going well

Littlest woke up half way through the warm up

Managed to settle him then started the first round, woke up again

Nappy change and now he's wriggling while I try to feed him

Chances of fitting in rounds 2 to 4 before my parents arrive diminishing by the minute

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Just need out for a short walk and snapped this photo of the sunset in Richmond Park. I love the way the orange gives way gradually to pale yellow and finally a light blue/grey.

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Bit of a dearth of Milo-content from me recently. Here he is in early Autumn enthusiastically fulfilling his role as Senior Branch Manager, South London. #DogsOfMastodon #MastoDogs

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Back home from a lovely morning at Singing Mamas

Fresh sheets on the bed and littlest has just gone down for a nap

Time to squeeze in a quick workout and then I need to try and get the house a bit tidier before my parents arrive for the weekend

Oh and light the fire to get the house nice and warm!

What are you up to this afternoon?

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