Only £3 difference between Bon Jovi and Half Man Half Biscuit!

I'm more excited than an adult should be about seeing this on the big screen

The Voltorol Years
Queen II
A Day At The Races
The '59 Sound
Noone Cares about your creative hub
Mater of Life and Death

Yes, I'm a bit odd I admit 🤪

Muppets Christmas Carol
Life of Brian
Holy Grail
Naked Gun

erm....can I put the other two Naked Guns?

Well, the car is more broken than expected 😭
But on the bright side, got to see some 'new' bits of Liverpool

After a day stuck on trains and in conference rooms, so nice to be back outdoors again today.
How did I end up in an office job ,🤔😭

Still probably not supposed to post this but it's still nice and I broke Mastodon on the first attempt.

I've had a meal in London which contained gravy.
They really don't get gravy down there do they 🙄

Up at silly o'clock
It's pouring down
The ticket office is shut
At least the essentials are packed 😜

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