This is just wonderful. Carmen Consoli and Marina Rei live streamed from Buenos Aires a couple of evenings ago, Hopefully it will stay up for a while.
I saw her in Sicily a couple of months ago. Comfortably my gig of the year ❤️

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In fairness, Brits probably don't do because if we had to take a day off for the anniversary of us fucking over people and ruining their country, we'd never actually go to work...

Anyone else feel like the decision makes England look like an occupying force? It's certainly not a union in any meaningful sense if one side isn't allowed to even talk about leaving, but I guess "Act of Occupation" wouldn't have gone down well even in 1707

Love being by the river after dark. Back in town for a couple of gigs this weekend

So a quick look around and this feels like it could be a nice new home. Much more the co-operative and slightly anarchic emerging web I was getting to grips with 25 years ago, than the commercial hateful pit of venom that most so-called "social" media has become.
Nice to see a few friendly faces here already. Wondering what I can contribute to keep this a positive place...

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