Some new Shorts from me:
"Google Pixel 7 Pro vs Sony Xperia 1 iv - head to head!"
"Another Sony Xperia 1 iv review short: Superlative Speakers!"
"Demonstrating telephoto splicing on the Pixel 7 Pro"

OK, so I couldn't resist it. iPhone 14 Pro Max versus Google Pixel 7 Pro, Steve-style, so 1:1 crop comparisons galore.…

The verdict says it all. Very different devices with different strengths on different OS! 🙂

Cracking and spot on comparison here from JCB: Pixel 7 Pro vs XPERIA 1 IV:

On a side note,
and I should have both Pixel 7s tomorrow, at last, so expect both Sony and Pixel 7 talk on upcoming PSCs 🙂

Phones Chat Episode 723 - Moto vs Sony, iPhone imaging
@stevelitchfield and I are here this weekend with another two-header whilst Steve is tied up in London. I'm comparing the Xperia 5 Mk.IV with the Edge 30 Neo, RRP's £600 apart(!) and Steve's all-in on camera testing, iPhone vs Sony. Plenty more as usual, so do grab it at or via your podcatcher. Enjoy 😎 Featured Photo by Mark Mochan

Not a perfect snap, but how often does an Apache gunship fly right overhead? About 1000 ft up. 
iPhone 14 Pro Max 6x zoom and panning slowly. Wish I’d shot some 4K video now and extracted from that! Ah well.

Is Mastodon slow because:

And yes, this is me experimenting with extending a thread with additional text. I also note that 'toots' can be twice the size of tweets, so there's less feeling of restriction in the first place.

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In terms of 2x zooming anyway. The phone is only using the central 12MP and there's a lot of colour interpolation to be done, but results here are nigh on perfect.

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Long live the queen (etc, for 2012 Jubilee)

Shot on iPhone 14 Pro Max in 2x smart crop mode. Apple has done a stunning job with the image processing on the Quad Bayer sensor - Android phones with similar sensors were getting nowhere near this quality. IMHO

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