Wishing you all a - personally giving thanks, amongst other things, for having escaped the bird’s mired nest …

@stephenfry Twitter feels a lot like the end of a party when there are just a few weirdos left, and only egg sandwiches remain.

@tillathenun @stephenfry that is actually when parties start to get interesting. Then again, I consider myself one of the weirdos and happen to love egg sandwiches.

@iamirm @stephenfry You’ve destroyed my analogy then as I happen to agree with you. Apart from the egg sandwiches bit. 😀

@tillathenun @stephenfry oh are we having a party here if so can we have cheese on stick and those little pasties like my mother use to make.

@tillathenun @stephenfry

Totally. You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay!

@stephenfry And a happy Thanksgiving to you too Stephen. HO HO HO!

@Santaclaus @stephenfry 😲😲😲 *whispers* psst Stephen, Santa is watching you fren! 💜🌻

@stephenfry I like the idea of a mired nest, but I have left twitter all the same, some time ago.


My American wife thanks you. She will spend the night pointing at my trousers and calling them pants in your honour.

@stephenfry And we’re equally grateful to have you here.

@stephenfry Hello Stephen, well done on your departure from the birdsite. Welcome to the good guys.

@stephenfry I still have Twitter at the moment, but am using it so much less. Also, Mastodon has completely changed the way I interact with people on a microblogging platform.

I find I am enjoying much more the interactions on here which feels so much more real and human. Over on the bird site, it felt that interaction was somehow designed to tick the algorithm's box where people would give replies without any substance just to be able to show the algorithm they interacted.

@Howard @stephenfry #Mastodon is like a Oscar movie. I'm getting annoyed with it for not being as perfect as expected.

@Stefan_S_from_H @Howard @stephenfry

I always consider "Oscar" movies to be too worthy... i.e. self-consciously "arty" and high-minded. In a way, this is true of mastodon. But, not necessarily in a bad way. Like a good film, it allows for more meaningful reflection.

@stephenfry I feel like I now have to look up where mastodons lived to be ready for the next level.

@stephenfry .Mastodon is now an NHS recommended treatment.

@lauriehaley @stephenfry Doctor: "Yes, you are showing some symptoms of stress. You said you use corporate social media? Hmm, may I recommend Mastodon."

Patient: "Is that a new drug?"

Doctor: "No, it's civilised online social interaction. I think it'll help greatly."

@thezacc9 @stephenfry Take a large dose of Mastodon, three times daily and just before bedtime, but not after alcohol.

@stephenfry As am I, Stephen. I describe myself in my bio as an "escapee from the bluebird of misery" and it's not far wrong. Good to see you here! Enjoy 😊

@stephenfry Happy Thanksgiving. It’s so much more comfortable here, isn’t it? Now when everybody’s heard about the bird…

@stephenfry thank you for making this place a happier one 🦁

@stephenfry Umm.... it's not Thanksgiving here. Canada's was six weeks ago.

@stephenfry I'll be missing all the friends I made on Twitter. Some have come and gone. And it's how I keep myself updated with the current news. In tiny Norway you even have some of the MPs in parliament who are reading and answering your tweets. Where are they all going from here?

@stephenfry Stephen, you replied to a DM from me back in 2008 on the bird site on a question about SatNavs. I kept it to this day and I know that's silly. Glad you're here.

@stephenfry a bit late for Canada's Thanksgiving but I'm giving thanks for all the little sparks of genius to encounter out there.

@stephenfry musk / nest.
Like having a filthy fat cuckoo coming and laying her eggs in your pristine nest after devouring all your fledglings.

Same to you Stephen. It is great to have you here 😊 👌

Still got a toe in the birds nest here but I now log onto Mastodon before any other media. Lovely to find progressives on here.

@stephenfry This does seem an altogether nicer space so far 😁

@stephenfry - if we’re giving thanks, then I’ll give thanks for you Mr Fry and finding you on here. Have a lovely day

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