“Iceberg? What iceberg?” Don’t bother the Captain of the Tweetanic now, he has deck chairs to rearrange

@stephenfry you'd think he'd notice that the deck chairs are on fire.

@gwync @stephenfry that's fine ... the sea water will put them out 🤣

Actually Elon Musk is the Iceberg
Cheers from Brazil! Big fan here!

@stephenfry if by deck chairs you mean "crew" and by "rearrange" you mean throw overboard

@stephenfry The floggings will continue until morale improves!



Also, half the engineering crew is sacked and confined to quarters until the end of the voyage.

@garcia10303 @stephenfry More like: "Engineers are confined to the engine room until we reach port, at which time they will be sacked."

@garcia10303 @stephenfry Soon the captain will beg them to return ... just as the Tweetanic's bow lurches skyward ...

@LadyK @stephenfry they were playing when we all came here about a week or so ago. lol

@stephenfry Tweetanic :aru_0160: Made my day!

Also hope those major mastodon servers will survive this huge wave... again. :aru_0160: (They will, of course. And more are on their way!)

@stephenfry the band is up on deck playing all their greatest hits

@stephenfry Several of the people on the sinking ship are proudly explaining how talented and skillful the Captain is for purposefully striking that one tiny iceberg in the middle of the great big ocean.

@stephenfry I don't want to overly mix my metaphors, but there's a half-nelson exclaiming "I see no icebergs!" because he doesn't know how a telescope works. Lettuce not forget.

@stephenfry Tweetanic, the upcoming remake of the James Cameron epic from Wes Anderson.

@stephenfry and offices to close.. and staff to tell to work harder for longer...

@stephenfry perhaps he’s pushing women and children overboard trying to get to a lifeboat?

@stephenfry I have become blissfully ignorant of what is happening on that ship since I jumped on this lifeboat. what has elmo done now?

@stephenfry At least in this version, Jack was smart enough to jump ship early.

@stephenfry LOL, I just can't see him going down with the Tweetanic. Hope he has a life jacket.

@ZeldaAutumn @stephenfry he thinks he has a life jacket made of money, but he put it up as collateral. 😂🤷‍♀️

@splott @stephenfry This is so true. 😂 He is arrogant and I don't think he is as smart as he thinks he is. I hate to see the bird die, but there is always another social place and people can learn from the mistakes of others.

@stephenfry They bought their tickets... I say, let them crash.

@stephenfry :-//// I feel sorry for the people who work/worked there. Almost nothing is as scary as loosing your job. I hope they will get new, better jobs.

The captain has sacked the chief engineer and is currently rewiring the thing, Tim Allen style.

@stephenfry The band is playing Crash! Boom! Bang! by Roxette; the approaching iceberg slowly takes a human shape. There is a musky smell in the air. Deck chairs are in perfect order, but beginning to crack.

@stephenfry He's demanding new HARDCORE deck chair rearranging from his crew, I heard.

@stephenfry and rather aptly the crew of the titanic also had their contracts terminated minutes after hitting the iceberg

@stephenfry I really trying to work this out. $44B on a company then to just destroy it in a matter of week… He is either totally incompetent or something quite magnificent is about to happen. Or does he want it to fail…

@MRC @stephenfry does t twitter as a company own a load of the debt? So it probably makes sense, to him at least!

@benperiton @stephenfry that’s the bit I don’t get. If Twitter goes belly up how does that affect everything?

@MRC @stephenfry Also helps him write of tax if they go bust ;) All debt is leveraged against the company as well so that goes with them.

@PaulBUK @stephenfry so he’ll let it go bust, write off the debt and not worry about the workers or the people that use the platform.

@MRC @stephenfry this is what I can't figure out! Maybe applying logic to Elon just isn't feasible.


@Craigyferg is officially here now he confirmed this account on his twitter.

Philosophy hour maybe for old times sake?

@stephenfry I don't think he understands that "The floggings will continue until morale improves" is not literal advice.

@stephenfry you've long been seen as an early adopter of technology, so I'm not surprised to see you here. But many, like me, are both recent to here and still maintaining their account at the other place. You hit delete. It was very bold. Can you share why you were so finite in your "decoupling"?

@stephenfry he’s also busy with that catturd person and baby axe body spray 12

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