@Gobshite22 @stephenfry It's gone to meet it's maker, it's pushin' up the daisies...

It's a reshare. Honestly, Mr Fry - citing your source would have been difficult?

@stephenfry as I understand it he is going to step down as CEO once he finds a suitable replacement

@cragtom @stephenfry That drunk robot they showed last month? Would have perfect impulse control, winner.

@cragtom @stephenfry Karl Donitz had a brighter outlook than the poor sod who takes this dumpster fire onboard.

@cragtom @stephenfry I will recommend my German Shepherd for the post of CEO. I believe he will outperform Mr Musk on every metric that counts. Plus he is a lot better at catching tennis balls.

@stephenfry But really need to superimpose elon's face over John Cleese's.

@stephenfry With all the meme factories online, I'd say it would have been very difficult, especially after all the re re re re re sharing of meme factory content.

@stephenfry This twit is no more! It has ceased to be! It has expired and gone to meet its maker!

@stephenfry Oh thank you.. classic memories turned upside down into mysterious reality.

@stephenfry Chuckle achieved. 😁
As a suggestion: Mastodon allows to describe uploaded pictures to help the visually impaired (a small edit button on the picture itself before posting).

@tichotlapka @stephenfry

He has ceased to be! 'E's expired and gone to meet 'is maker!

@stephenfry South African Blue..... beautiful plumage. There, he moved! That was you sacking the staff!

@stephenfry omg…that made my day! It’s an ex, um, not exactly a parrot, but… 😂

@stephenfry Freed, but dead.

Bloody teenagers these days couldn't stop fiddling stuffs. Look what happened to it!

.       _    _
.      /. \-〜-/  \
.  ,----(   。。  )
. /.    \_   __/
/(.      (\. |(
^ \ . /__\. / \  |
. |__|.  |_|, _)丿


Here's an image description, since there's no way to add one directly after the fact:

It's the Monty Python dead parrot sketch, but the parrot has been replaced with a dead Twitter bird logo. The shopkeeper is saying "It was alive when you bought it."

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