My show on didn’t play but will be played there next week. I know I can post it as a podcast now, but I’ll wait til then. Gives me a week off so to speak.

DC1107 Revenants Ride
This week, some great tunes from Final Blast, Ffatri Jam, Holocaust, Sunfall, and DoctoR DooM.

Final Blast - Revenants From Hell

Ffatri Jam - Cyrff

Bloodride - Limited

Holocaust - Children of The Great Central Sun

Factory of Art - The Point of No Return

Soul Grinder - Supreme Enemy

Sunfall - Harakiri

Nattmaran - Erupting in V

SFW 05 God Sky
I'll be running out of old tunes to share with you soon, but for now, there are a few here with some great new ones from The Plague, Bring The Hoax, Maer, and more.

The Plague - Not God

Daniel Land and The Modern Painters - Eyes Wide Shut

Thomas Dolby - Europa and the Pirate Twins

Finnegans Hell - Mickey Finn

Bring The Hoax - Jonestown

Maer - Sister

Nytt Land - Song of U-Gra

Bagas De

Here's my Sampler for my Episode PCP#769. Listen to the whole podcast at from 6am Friday 2nd Dec 2022

DC1106 Gimme Mist
Hot Metal Tunes for a cold November week. New tunes from Skindred, Rioghan, and more.

Skindred - Gimme That Boom

Admire The Grim - Mad Queen of The Second Sun

Scattered Storm - The Process

Rioghan - Home

Hetman - Empty Abyss

Jakub Zytecki - The Forgotten Ones

MMXX - The New Forgotten Ones

Groom Epoch - Light Up


Scam Alert!

If you receive an email or response on Mastodon like the following, DO NOT click the link. It is a scam fishing for login details at the very least.

"Mastodon has detected botting malware on your PC that is congesting the Mastodon network. All affected accounts will be suspended within 24 hours unless removed. _https://REDACTEDLINK"

Started in December 2004,  DarkCompass, curated and hosted by Ro, are music shows, all about the independent, underground, & unheard. DarkCompass is considered one of the longest running UK Podcasts.

Originally a social comment site with music, it has evolved into a long running music podcast showcasing a lot of new and unsigned bands, giving a link to fans and bands around the world.

Joined Hard Rock Hell Radio in 2018, Ro produces Hard

Hard Rock Hell Radio Top 20 October 2022
Another Top 20 plays for October, with tracks from Ozzy Osbourne, Wind Rose, Voyager, Ruby The Hatchet, Saxon, and more

Last month's Top 3:

Ozzy Osbourne - One of Those DaysPolar - Gods and HeathensMoonspell - Hermitage

Top 20:

20 Lucifer Jones - Awfu

Ok, first go at posting a link to a video here on Mastodon. I presume it'll work. This tune, Battle Trance of Samurai Vikings, features Viking age instruments, medieval sounds, middle eastern rhythm, throat singing, overtone singing, heavy metal guitar...genre defying music! It is totally not historically accurate in any way whatsoever, not musically, visually or any other way.

This seems like an appropriate first comic for mastodon.

SFW04 Marble Bats
Another outing on SFW Radio with new tracks from Ventenner, Celldweller, with some old favourites from The Hot Puppies and My Toys like Me.

Wintergaten - Marble Machine

The 69 Eyes - Cheyenna

C-Lekktor - Are You Ready for Bass

ReichFeind - Darken

Elektroklange - Musik Kosmik

Gldn - New Face, Same Lies

The Plague - Antidote

The Hot Puppies

Remember 9pm gmt is the time to hear me doing the top 20 on hard rock hell radio

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