La troisième est née pendant les vacances de Noël l'an passé. Imposées par un sondage Twitter, j'avais dans ma boîte des matières dans les tons verts.
Au fil des balade du côté d'Issoire, j'ai glané qqes éléments naturels que j'ai ensuite intégrés à la broderie. J'y ai aussi accroché une miniperle des @tresorsdepepite (sur insta et Twitter)
C'était le cadeau de Noël pour ma maman.
J'adore cette broderie !

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Dw i wedi dysgu fy mharot i siarad Cymraeg.
I have taught my parrot to speak Welsh.

These are the type of sentence you will find on

Went on a snowy hike to some waterfalls today and on the way found these teeeeeny tiny mossicles 🙃

#mosstodon #photography #FotoMontag #macrophotography #ArtAdventCalendar

níl caife fágtha ann

this is a shocking sentence in any language

There is no coffee left

Early morning at Dyffryn Mymbyr looking towards Yr Wyddfa.

Proper winter weather on the way next week hopefully.

#eryri #cymru #wales #yrwyddfa #landscape #landscapephotography #nature #photography #mountains

Day 5 #ArtAdventCalendar This drawing in charcoal pencil on a light brown textured paper depicts a reindeer in profile. I was going for a rustic look with this type of paper. #MastoArt #drawing #reindeer #Christmas

A tea toned cyanotype print of a curlew (an endangered bird that migrates to the moor by our house in the spring) on Japanese paper.

If you're in the UK, you can still order copies of ‘Pan: the Great God’s Modern Return’ in hardcover from Amazon; elsewhere, you can pre-order the paperback edition, which will be released on February 1st, 2023. #books #reading

Not because it's about the birdsite because I know almost nothing about it and almost never used it. But because it is Varoufakis and I enjoy reading what he writes.


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