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Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol:
- long
- reading
- what the fuck, no muppets?

A Muppet’s Christmas Carol :
- fuckload of muppets
- no cheeses for us meeces
- actually contains Charles Dickens
- twice the number of Marleys for your buck
- Rizzo

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We’ve got a huge December giveaway for you all! Win a pair of tickets to:

▪️Newcastle vs Rayo Vallecano
▪️Newcastle vs Bournemouth
▪️Newcastle vs Leeds

To enter:

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Winner picked at random & announced 12th December 💥

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On this day 20 years ago, the word "thunderbastard" was invented

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Saw @[email protected] last night in Nottingham for the third time. They are the best band I have seen live. The music, the production and the ENERGY! I have never seen anything like it before. My throat is sore from singing and my legs are gone from bouncing 😂 youtu.be/6Gf4YZvz-Ck

Today, I'm working on building my own AI writing assistant w/ GPT-3 ✨

Here's the plan:

- Explore OpenAI + Playground
- Connect to GPT-3s API
- Ship a web app + Chrome extension

If this seems cool and you also wanna build it, check out @[email protected]:


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The Health Secretary is either embarrassingly wrong or deliberately trying to mislead the public with this tweet.

A newly qualified nurse actually starts on £27,055, as shown here: healthcareers.nhs.uk/working-h

Please RT if you think everyone should know the truth. twitter.com/stevebarclay/statu

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Not got a £1 for a trolley? Use two 20p coins instead. alternatively just ask someone who works there to unlock one. Hardly life changing information

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Supermarket trips have changed forever

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I mean, this looks pretty bad but is it as bad as watching the match?

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This classic video shows what would happen if a large asteroid (diameter ~ 500 km) hit the Earth somewhere in the Pacific Ocean

[Anselmo La Manna + read more: buff.ly/3DlBgcq]

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Uruguay found it Kimpossible to score past them

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Love that Korea back 5, including GK is:

Kim - Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim….

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Employee A is a solid performer and asks for a 10k salary increase.

But they're already at the top of the salary band, so it's not possible.

So they find a new job that pays them 15k more, and the company ends up spending 40k to hire and train a replacement.

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Never forget when they played Linkin Park's Numb instead of Malta's national anthem. 🇲🇹😂

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