Hello Mastodon.

I am looking for new PhD students to come work with me at the Oxford Internet Institute in 22/23 (@oiioxford) to study the future of data privacy and digital rights, the impact of AI and algorithms on digital platforms, and help co-create better digital futures.

Boosts very much appreciated! 🐘

#dataprivacy #digitarights #privacy #phd #academia

Anyone care to nominate best philosophy bookshop in London? Foyles?

[I'll be reboosting this regularly for newly arrived philosophers]


I'd like to introduce you to @philpapers_bot.

This bot keeps you informed about new submissions to the Philpapers database. You can configure your own keywords and set a few options.

The bot is in beta mode, so let me know if you run into any issues. Suggestions welcome, too!

Get started by sending "help" to the bot (no quotation marks, no newlines).

Boosts welcome.


The László Nagy laboratory has published a beautiful and detailed fungal tree of life of microscopic diversity. You can Download it in high resolution!!!

#micology #biology #treeoflife #mondaymood #biodiversity #microscopic_life #microscopic #fungal #fungalturn

Link: group.szbk.u-szeged.hu/sysbiol

Our first new issue announcement on the Fediverse~

Issue #57 is now live! With writing on Kant, Fichte, Magritte, Hegel, and quantum mechanics. It's a wild, multimedia ride. Get involved:


Celebrate Blake's birthday in the best way possible: by visiting the magnificent @[email protected] blakearchive.org/


It's just occurred to me that I haven't shared my foolproof template for good abstracts on Mastodon yet, so here it is



The Philosophical Progress website shows new articles and blog posts in academic philosophy that have recently appeared on personal pages, repositories, or in open access journals: philosophicalprogress.org/
#philosophy @philosophy


You will love this!

Welcome to the Ancient Tree Inventory
Mapping the oldest and most important trees in the UK.

It appears the fediverse (the federated multiverse? We're not one fediverse, we never really have been.) is in the midst of a new moderation crisis.

The problems we're experiencing due to recent growth are big problems, and we need to take them very seriously. I've seen some incredibly aggressive and violent content from instances that have historically had very strong moderation.

This indicates that their volunteer resources are overwhelmed, but it also means that the vulnerable among us are more exposed than ever.

Does anyone else also flinch at the way we use language to describe how we photograph something?

Linguistic aspects of gaming and hunting and appropriation - 'shoot'; 'capture', 'take' ....

What words might be less militaristic?

Every time I think about intellectualism in the #epistemology of knowledge-how, I think of this joke

Some excellent philosophical biographies have come out in the past few years. " I do like to understand thinkers in their context...Without some biographical context, it’s very difficult to weigh some philosophers’ work." @nigelwarburton


There is a fabulous display of photos from Landscape Photographer of the year as you walk through Birmingham New Street station. Take time to look at them and marvel. They are better in large format than snapped on my smartphone.

The Broth by Andrew Robertson

Just one of many I could have chosen

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