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Another ghost question.

Can anyone think of any examples from folklore of a minister laying a ghost where after the ordeal the minister's clothes have a bad, or 'satanic' smell about them?

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Let's see if I can do this. Here are a couple pages from my goshuincho/御朱印帳, my collection of stamps from #temples around #Japan.

I talk about the etiquette and how to get your own on the most recent episode of #UncannyJapan

When they did an x-ray of Henry Gillard Glindoni's painting of Elizabethan occultist/alchemist John Dee, they discovered that Dee was standing in a circle of human skulls...
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EDIT: More info here:

My friend blogs about weirdness and folklore in Wiltshire just over the downs from my home here in southwest Oxfordshire...The latest article is about Avebury, famous for it's megalithic stones and haunted pub The Red Lion.

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Are you free on 12 December? I'm doing another online talk in conjunction with Creswell Crags, called 'Red Sky At Night: The Fascinating World of Weather Folklore'!

We'll look at weather superstitions, predictions, and folk practices to influence the weather at 6 pm GMT! Tickets are free but donations help Creswell Crags.

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The manifestation of , from the book 'Phenomena of Materialisation: A contribution to the investigation of mediumistic teleplastics', by Dr von Schrenck Notzing. Just testing the upload image function, really.

A bit of an advertorial, but it does mention - 'Inside the '' pub tucked away on the quiet side of the Looe River'...

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