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Hi everyone this is my first tweet. The is a global movement to end corruption in the palm oil industry. We fight and highlight beautiful animals going from

This is wonderful! things are progressing quite rapidly and the alternatives to deforestation can't come quick enough! There's quite a few different projects on the go that give us all hope!

@palmoildetectives @Melinda @greenpeace morning POD I found this update yesterday about the yeast substitute that Chris Chuck at university of bath has been working on for some years it’s looking pretty good! 🤞

@Melinda @palmoildetectives @greenpeace it’s in every mainstream soap as far as I know, there’s even Palmolive soap! But the list of #palmoil free soaps is growing, of course it’s only used because it’s cheap as in so many products that contain it.

@weaniejeanie53 @palmoildetectives @greenpeace
I just checked my soap! I normally use One Village soap (vegan). That has coconut oil, rice bran oil, and glycerine (it's lovely). I have been buying antibacterial liquid soap too due to covid, and that was the one with the palm oil.

@JohnLoader6 It is a great tragedy John 😔 There are a lot of , , that are completely unique and only found in that one stretch of land between KL to Singapore and now.. and . Have a read of this, the Johor royal family owns a plantation in causing . This is why we

@GardenBirdy thank you so much for doing that and good on you for educating the students! If you have a good soap recipe to share, I can post it onto the website underneath of the soap page here 😉 These are all with their , but these can be expensive to buy, so a soap recipe would be great to share 😍

@palmoildetectives Try driving from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. I guess it was once hundreds of miles of rubber trees, now solid palm oil ones

It's #WorldSoilDay My first year with no dig and I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of growing without having to feed much or weed. Look after your soil as it stores so much carbon, is a home for insects and feeds you with all that lovely fruit and veg that grows on it!

@palmoildetectives IMO there's no such thing as sustainable palm oil. There's so many products that contain it. When I was a lecturer I always led a class about palm oil. So many of my students didn't know about it. One big issue for me is that it should be labelled very clearly as 'palm oil' in the ingredients and not as many of its other names. I make my own soaps to avoid it in hygiene products.

@palmoildetectives Mondelez don’t give a toss where their #palmoil comes from as long as it’s cheap, they are one of the very worst corporations for trashing the planet for greed. #boycottcadbury

Here are 10 different ways are deceived about "sustainable" . This is a multi-billion dollar lie. There is decades of evidence from multiple sources that "sustainable" does not stop , , and abuses. There is only evidence from sources paid by the palm oil industry that "sustainable" palm oil is effective.This is why we via

Coal mines are a thing of the past - we don't need a new one. It’s a disaster for our climate and won’t help skyrocketing energy bills. We already made the PM U-turn on fracking & onshore wind - let’s show the public opposes this too. Sign now:
#climate #FossilFuel

Global brand owner of and biscuits among many other well-known supermarket brands uses "sustainable" from the
. However this certification is only as it DOES NOT stop . Help animals and indigenous peoples and with your wallet! via

Palmitic acid, found in meat and dairy, but mostly in palm oil, has been found to be a very strong trigger of metastasis of cancers.

In view of that fact and as well the devastating social and environmental impacts of palm oil corporations on indigenous peoples and forests of the Global South, should palm oil be banned in Britain?

RSPO is the organisation responsible for regulation, but is notoriously corrupt and greenwashes the atrocities of palm oil corporations.

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Say it with me:
Strikes are supposed to be inconvenient to demonstrate the value of the labour being withheld.


Films like Jaws has portrayed humans as innocent victims of monster sharks
But who are the real monsters
Every year
10 to 12 people killed by sharks
100 million sharks killed by humans
Their survived for millions of years and now thanks to humans may cease to exist

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