I am actually from Tooting, so here goes:

There once was a tooter from Tooting,
Who found Twitter really not suiting:
"From dawn until dusk,
It's this odour of Musk
And the lies I'm forever confuting. . ."

@GrahamLester Maybe we can call the “like” button a “Mitcham”.

I live very close to . Surely the perfect location for Mastodon to have a regional HQ.

So, I gather I should do an "toot" with some hashtags...

I am a writer, with and published in , anthologies etc. Forever planning to write something longer!

I like to learn , particularly and when I can. Interested in from Europe

I work for a UK broadcaster (yes, that one) and know about things like

I also like and make bags, belts, wallets

Also fond of

@clenpen Hello, Cathy - nice to meet you on here. Our works have been in a couple of NFFD anthologies - mine turned up alongside yours in 2015 and 2019. My writing is rustier than my Spanish though - will get back to it soon!

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