This week I wrote about passing a value into an unmapped hidden field. If you want more ways to pass information in to hidden fields, check out this from @[email protected] where he sets a hidden optionset field based on the value of another. Nice work! 👍🏼

I'm speaking at CXP User Group Meetup tonight. Sick of the football? Join me along with others in the community to talk about custom triggers. What are they, how to use them, and how to create them. See you there?

These commentators for the FRA/DEN game passing judgement on someone being easy on the eye. 🥺 what on earth? Inappropriate and irrelevant to your job. I could do a better job than these wafflers.

When a Contact opts out of your marketing content, have you ever considered how they get removed from your Subscription Lists?

Too early? Amazing what some sparkly lights can do for the mind and soul 🥰 not gone full tree just yet. Just a bit of festiveness to get started.

One of my favourite pages - - details of what's new and the latest updates for - just did an update last week and having fun reviewing!

So how do lists work here? I created one - - can people follow them? Can they be seen by anyone, or only those on the same server?

Porting your follows to Mastodon is a gamechanger.

This tool searches for Mastodon handles in your Twitter name, description, location, url field and pinned tweet.

If moving to Mastodon, signpost accordingly, so other folks can easily find you. 👍

RT @[email protected]

Still hesitant about Mastodon? I was too, but now I love it. So I wrote this guide for you, hoping to see you there 😊


If you missed the UK D365 & PP event in London last week and want to know more about Building Triggers in for Real-time Marketing - check out the CXP User Group Meetup session that's next Monday. I'll be presenting the same topic virtually. Hope to see you there!

Want to give this a go? Personalised Pages in , but using your own website - - you can even test it out for yourself using my own form and page. 👍

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