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Busy learning how to use this. I joined one server, I have now migrated over to this one. Some of my followers came over but not all. So please follow and I will follow back.

Wordle 537 4/6


Wordle 535 4/6



Wordle 534 4/6



Wordle 533 3/6


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Good morning everyone!

This one doesn't have a title yet.

During the 2022 summer heatwave, I started exploring the idea of making reflections the main subject of my .

I'm not sure yet where this style is going. It's fun to experiment and try something different 🙂

-T3 / 115 mm / f/2.8 / 1/400 / ISO 160

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Keep seeing toots about waiting for Twitter friends coming across.

All nice and everything when they do, old friends and faces so you don't lose what you built up.

but the very best thing to do here is to jump in with both feet and make new friends!

Not all Mastodonians bite 😉

Write a post, boost posts, join in conversations, make sure you CW at appropriate times, add AltText, and use CamelHump hashtags.

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With all of the new (virtual) faces around here I guess I should jump on the Bandwagon and reintroduce myself.

I'm Dave. I've been a computer nerd since the 90s when my parents had an old x286 machine. And I've been on Fosstodon since 2019.

I'm currently an IT Mercenary (consultant). I'm a fan of #Foss, #linux, and #Gaming. I especially love my #SteamDeck.

I'm a dad of two and a husband of one.

I look forward to getting to know you all virtually.

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Late Night Catastrophizing. I can’t be the only one. As you try to drop off to sleep, every one of tomorrow’s tasks, chores and errands looms like an unconquerable giant. From cleaning up in the kitchen (a 2 hr job at least) to the backlog of emails and the sense you must make of the bathroom. Yet, next morning everything is done in 6½ minutes. What was all that angst about, eh? Tch. Anyway, forgive the overshare.

Being a working parent can mean you end up compromising work or family. The connected living coaching approach provides you with the skills to make value based choices that offer the right balance for you, your work and your family.

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[1979] Something Else - BBC series targeted specifically at a youth audience and is an early example in British television of the genre known as “Youth TV”. This episode features The Jam performing Eton Rifles, Tony Wilson, and Joy Division performing Transmission.

I have been thinking a lot about my Mum over the past few days, and how much I miss her. The last few weeks of her life are still incredibly painful memories. I shed a tear for her every single day, this week there has been more than a few. I am grateful of those tears in many ways they remind me how much I loved her .

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