Roman face pots from London, 1st-3rd century AD. Ceramic vessels with comic-looking faces have been found in cemeteries and religious areas of Roman ‘Londinium’. Museum of London.


Old Barn and Winter Trees on the Isle of Grain Kent by Rowland Hilder (1905–1993)
I think this one was auctioned. However, Hilder is a master of the skeleton tree and used them to great effect in his beautifully designed compositions.

Ok... so this one is a doozy. As yet unproven, but there's another thing we've spotted recently (more in due course) that we think makes this a bit more likely.

Did come across an hoard somewhere in the North/North East of ? and did they - figuratively and literally - nick it?

We think it's possible.... 😁

Before we started research, terminals were assumed to be cast directly onto neck rings.

What we've shown is some torcs are made of sheet gold, some have terminals cast separately & some cast-on...but they fail every time!!

Bubbles, holes, overruns, cracks - we've not found one cast/cast-on terminal that worked!

Why? We think because cast is copying sheet torcs - it's a method that works in sheet, but can't work in casting thanks to shape of torus & thin wall required.

The Strange World of Spiders, composed and performed by Laura Snowden.

Posting mostly because I'm such a Laura Snowden fangirl. 😹

Someday I hope to be able to play her compositions.

#womencomposers #WomenofClassicalGuitar #contemporarymusic #newmusic #classicalguitar
@womencomposers @womenoftheclassicalguitar

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You can now hear the full @[email protected] #cotw on Doreen Carwithen @[email protected]: @[email protected] & I discuss her life (inc. relationship with William Alwyn, student days, life in wartime, & family), & music from songs to film scores. Also feat. new recordings!


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How one song unites a nation. Available from 1030 today on BBC Radio 4 & podcast platforms, Soul Music hears the personal stories connected to Ukrainian folk song Chervona Kalyna, including what inspired Pink Floyd to release their own version. #ukraine #chervonakalyna #pinkfloyd

Charles Dickens Museum gets dressed for Christmas Dickens Museum gets dressed for Christmas"

The home of the writer often described as the man who invented the modern Christmas has been given a Christmas makeover for the festive season.

Read more:


I enjoy historical or regional police procedurals and one of my favourites is the 'Stasi' series by David Young.

Set in East Germany in the '70s, the principal character is Volkspolizei detective, Karin Müller, whose criminal investigations experience interference from the Stasi secret police.

As well as being really great stories, these books feel like they are historically accurate and authentic. First in the series is Stasi Child -

We don't often get to see individual people in prehistory, but these 3 were made or finished by same person, 2300 years ago!

Tiny punched tool marks look random, but this person has a very specific way of working & deco patterns that they use & we've now seen this on 3 torcs from very different places!

This means 3 torcs must have been made within 30-40 years of each other, within the lifetime of a single maker - a person that we now know by the way they decorated torcs.

Ok, so at first glance it's not the most impressive bit of gold, but concentric circles have so far only ever been found on gold torcs like the Snettisham Great torc or Netherurd, so it's likely this teeny scrapper is all that's left of another torc like that!!!

... and it's an excuse to use the teeniest tiniest photographic scale tooooooo!!! 🤣

Today's Daily Drawing: Wren
I love wrens - pretty little birds with such funny upright tails.

Every day is a school day, just as soon as I switch on in the morning. Today's first new name for me was Ned Rorem, an American composer and writer who died last week at the age of 99.

He described himself as a diatonic composer and was infuenced by Debussy and Ravel. He is best known for his songs, so here is 'Love', sung by Susan Graham with the Enemble Oriel:


These clay objects have been interpreted as fire dogs due to traces of burning, „moon idols“, and depictions of the sun boat due to their crescent-like shape. But what if all options would be true? Archaeology shows us that objects can have multilayered symbolism and meaning.

GNM Nürnberg. 1200-800 BCE.

#archaeology #prehistory #museum

Our wheels...23kW of power right there! She breaks down every second trip, practically impossible to get parts, top speed 80kph (down hill with a tail wind) but I love her all the same #fica #zastava #MadeInYugoslavia

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