OnePlus will give selected smartphones four major Android OS updates, plus five years of security patches
As people are keeping their smartphones for longer, longer support from OnePlus is most welcome.

Bullitt Group and MediaTek to launch world’s first satellite-to-mobile messaging smartphone
The new Bullitt Group phone, launching in early 2023, goes beyond the plans of other satellite communications players named in the 'mobile space race' - supporting the 3GPP NTN sta

@hacks4pancakes @robotfactory That seems unlikely to me. With the majority of the web using TLS (and, often, shared CDNs and eSNI), passive traffic interception doesn’t give you all that much information. (This is the biggest argument against using a VPN to begin with!)

And if I’m a malicious VPN provider and I can guess what you’re surfing, what do I do with it? Sell targeted ads that I then…inject into the rare HTTP-only webpage you happen to load?

I think the reality is a lot more mundane: running a VPN is cheap, and there are a lot of cheap VPNs.

Honor unfolds the new foldable Magic Vs in China, and this time it’s coming to the rest of the world
The newly launched foldable flagship from Honor not only improves upon the original Magic V, but it will also get a global release - although not until th

Oppo shows off the power of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, and it’s coming to the Find X6 series in 2023!
Oppo will be utilising Qualcomm's recently announced Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 mobile platform on its upcoming flagship smartphone series.

Realme launches the Realme 10; the first of its latest camera-oriented smartphone series
Only heading to Italy and Poland for now, the Realme 10 is part of the new Realme 10 series of phones that will be released over the coming months.

Honor unveiling its latest flagship device on November 23rd
Save the date! The Chinese event will show off Honor's newest flagship, which will hopefully see a global release soon after.

Will it be the Honor Magic 5 series, or a new foldable product?

Soon we will find out!

Nice to see lots of other people joining up, however I do think this platform is still a little raw to stand a chance of gaining the traction needed to impact on Twitter (unless Elon does anything more stupid, which he probably will).

Hello all! I've joined this new social platform as another one begins its slide to obscurity under the control of a lunatic.

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