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Add your eco minded organisation to our free directory EcoNotts. Make local connections to help reduce costs & environmental impact

This winter, Ofgem and National Grid have warned that the UK faces a 'significant risk' of energy shortages.. But even as energy rationing looms for households, digital billboards continue to use huge amounts of electricity to blare out adverts, day and night.

The latest EcoNotts newsletter has just gone out - sign up for the next one at

Spending as much as I can with small businesses again this week like @roastinghouse as it's tomorrow. We can support them all year round however!

Every mug purchase from Nottingham Bikeworks supports their awesome "Free fixing Friday" service

"Creative Energy Homes is a £1.9m project, that is a key resource, particularly with respect to micro-smart grids, energy storage, demand-side management and occupants’ acceptance of innovative technologies."

A quick way to improve the user experience of a website is ditching 3rd party services that set cookies so you don't need annoying cookie popups - for example using @plausible instead of Google Analytics

Thinking of organising a casual business mastermind & accountability group for sustainably focused freelancers/small businesses in Nottingham - I'm sure we've all got great ideas to help each other out

YES PLEASE - "Funding has been secured from the central government ‘Future High Street Fund’ for a scheme that seeks to improve connectivity within the city centre by changing the highway layout to reduce vehicular dominance and provide additional green space on an important gateway into the city."

Supporting local businesses like Shop Zero in Nottingham this week while boycotting Amazon and other Black Friday 'sales' that aren't actually sales

Powerful words from Nadia Whittome at the climate protest/rally in on Saturday - good to see Nottingham Climate Assembly, repair cafe folks, XR Nottingham and Mammoth Climate Action Cinema there also

ProtonMail is on offer for if you want a more private email service "No ads. by default. We use zero-access and end-to-end encryption so that no one can decrypt, access, share or monetize your data. People before profits."

New kit to get the best out of the
Outpost coffee beans - a proper grinder has made such a difference 😀 Great price and quick delivery direct from Sage too

Been volunteering at FareShare in Nottingham today - they're looking for more volunteers if you have some time to spare!

So according to I just crossed the 10% threshold. That's 10% of the folks I follow in the other place are now here. Interestingly of the folks that follow me, there is a much lower percentage, at just under 3%. So it looks like the early adopters are still early adopting. Still, that sort of feels like a critical mass is building, which is the real problem with a social network. If you don't have anyone to talk to, eventually (most people) stop talking. #TwitterMigration

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