We’re pleased to announce the winners of the Inner Temple Book Prize 2022 📚🥇
The award recognises books that have made an outstanding contribution to the understanding of law in England and Wales. Congratulations to our winners! 🎉
Learn more 🗞️: www.innertemple.org.uk/news/book-prize-2022-press-release/

#WorldAIDSDay #worldaidsday2022
The UK affords #Refugee affords protection to those facing persecution based on living with #HIV - we must build upon our duty and obligations to provide sanctuary.

Lecture tonight at Gresham College (in person and online) - Leslie Thomas QC on Do We Need Judges? gresham.ac.uk/whats-on/judges

W3C in the news: "Where all the Twitter users are going and what is the fediverse?" "W3C, a standards organization that gives us many protocols, ... created a protocol in 2018 called ActivityPub that enables federated systems similar to social networking"

NEW: The best books on Digital Ethics
Philosophers have a lot to add to debates about digital technology and the moral issues raised by its rapid rise.
Carissa Veliz talks to @nigelwarburton

I wonder if any #law people out there have written an article about the #privacy aspects of mastodon vis-a-vis the rights of the data subject.

Wow, the selection of books about autism at my public library is awful 😬 I'm autistic, I work here, and some of the titles in our catalogue are so offensive that I want to cry 😭

We desperately need more books about autism by autistic authors, and more books about neurodiversity in general, so I want to make some purchase requests. To be considered, books must be new (2022 or 2023).

So far, I've requested:
- What I Want to Talk About by Pete Wharmby
- Stumbling Through Space and Time: Living Life with Dyspraxia by Rosemary Richings
- Different, Not Less by Chloé Hayden
- Unmasking Autism by Devon Price

If you have more suggestions, please drop them here! Replies and boosts appreciated 🙏

#ActuallyAutistic #AskingAutistics #Autism #Neurodiversity #Books #Libraries #Librarians #Neurodiversity

Poll results, 51% do not like cross posting. 34% think it's ok but must be selective.

With this in mind, this is how we are planning on operating:

We will only duplicate content manually and only when it feels like it is a good fit. E.g. something we really must tell you because it is awesome, or a nice photo of our pretty library.


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Here are some rules of etiquette for a library, posted in a local newspaper a hundred years ago or so. No dirty faces! Don't tell lies to the librarian! And for goodness' sake, don't leave your business cards behind either!
P.S. If you like this, Boost (retoot) it, not just Favorite. #Tootsday #Libraries #Librarians #bookstadon #Books #Etiquette

What are your opinions on automated (Mastodon and Bird site) ?


Physically copy-and-paste, or type afresh. Just not automated. It looks awful in the feed.

What are your opinions on automated (Mastodon and Bird site) ?

@Sally I haven't fully explored this site, so I'm not sure if there's a space for _practicing_ writing alt text, but there's a lot of good & interesting examples of approaches to alt text here: alt-text-as-poetry.net/

@Sally It's not practice, but this is an excellent guide for descriptive text: uxdesign.cc/how-to-write-an-im and this is a good guide for the tech side of alt text: mugo.ca/Blog/Building-an-acces Best practice I've found is using these guidelines and just visiting a stock photo site and writing some.

If, like us, you are looking to improve your ability to write good then your might find some of these how-to's useful:

Write good Alt Text to describe images - Harvard University

Alternative Text - WebAIM

Five golden rules for compliant alt text - AbilityNet

How to write an image description - Alex Chen, UX Collective uxdesign.cc/how-to-write-an-im

We are the law Library of the Inner Temple, one of the four Inns of Court.

The Library dates from at least 1506 (the earliest mention in surviving records).

We are open to barrister, judicial and student members of all four Inns of Court.

We currently hold over 70,000 volumes.

We are staffed by an excellent team of librarians (hi!), who collectively have approx. 100 years of legal research experience.

More Library history can be found on our website innertemplelibrary.org.uk/inne

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