On Mastodon we’ve been let loose,
So we had better introduce…
Grimethorpe Colliery Brass Band,
Most famous brass band in the land! 🎺

Through our blood runs Yorkshire Coal,
And music runs right through our Soul,
So let’s get on now with the show –
Give us a follow, say Hello! 👋


Anyone know why likes/favourites show up on the app version of Mastodon but not on the online version?.... 🧐

@grimethorpeband most famous? What would Brighouse and Rastrick
say? Lol

@Stephenvaughan They'd probably grudgingly agree! 😀 Can't beat a bit of Terry Wogan though

We say toot on Mastodon :mastodon: "sans doute"
Here we make pouet and everyone toot and boost
Welcome to the fediverse
May your 📯 and 🎺 spread in the universe 🌠

@grimethorpeband the default app is crap. If you’re on iOS try metatext, if you’re on android try Tusky.

@philheppenstall Brilliant, thanks for the advice! Does switching apps mean changing to a different instance/server? Think our server is

@grimethorpeband nah the instance being called is just a way of attracting people to it I suspect, you can use any instance with any app and any app with any instance.

@philheppenstall Every day is a school day, the Tusky app does look better, thanks!

We still can't see the likes/shares online though. Mastodon App shows all the likes/shares but Tusky and webpage version don't, regardless of where we've posted the message from..... 🙃

@grimethorpeband btw you’re not as famous as Brighouse and Rastrick 😉

@grimethorpeband @philheppenstall
I’m new to this - like loads of us - but I use Tooot which I think does what you want .. I mean try it I guess?! Good luck! X

@grimethorpeband I think if you click on the post to open that specific post, the numbers should show up on the web version. The numbers are small, and are above the line of buttons at the bottom of the post - they're to the right of the date. That's how it works for me, at least, so I hope that will work for you, too!

@Caillagh Oh yes, you are quite right! That's handy for us to be able to see content people like the most whilst not feeling like a competition. Thank you so much for your help 👍🙂

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