Morning. Let's start the week with a good old oom-pah! A photo taken in Morecambe a few years ago. I dedicate this to all my brass band friends! xx

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Just ran some errands, and passed a brass band playing carols on a small town high street as the light faded - salvage chairs, big coats and woolly hats. The lights came on in the shopfronts, & suddenly it was a timeslip to childhood - Decembers in Llandudno & Whitland in Wales as a small child; my grandad’s colleagues from the buses, & watching Ivor the Engine as a kid for its soundscapes of brass & voice. I choked up a bit with the poignancy of it.

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Good night world. Our house is full of joy & the joy of brass. Far from brass I was reared. Thanks to @grimethorpeband @[email protected] for making magic happen for kids


Here's a sneaky peek of our collaboration, written by the famous Barnsley Bard himself, with music interwoven like magic by Luke Carver Goss.

A very Barnsley take on The Night Before Christmas.... 🎶❄

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On we declare
It's time to give a public share!
A Tooter you would like to highlight,
Tell the world, give them a spotlight!

We must start with @stephenfry,
Persuaded us to all drop by,
To Mastodon (we have to say,
Like him it's full of fab wordplay!)

Always full of wit and knowledge,
Cleverer than any college!
Thank you Stephen, we must say:
You're Number 1 for us today! 🤓

Even before the film , those of us who grew up within sight of the of Grimey, Houghton Main and so on remember this sound swelling from the village halls at least twice weekly during banding season.

John Marcangelo's has always been one of my favourites - and I played it often as a percussionist in my early youth banding days. Seeing the brass get slaughtered for late mis-cues was hilarious.

Anyway, here's . Enjoy.

@brassmusic Welcome to the next instalment of the Hathersage Band world of wonderful #BrassInstruments
This week we take a look at the #Bugle which as you can see is basically a #PostHorn wrapped up for ease of carrying & playing on the battlefield!
The Bugle however has about 10 inches more tubing to allow for a greater range of harmonics.
#Brassband #Derbyshire #SouthYorkshire #NorthNotts

@anthonywilsondugdale @grimethorpeband

I expect someone has posted this but I just got to thinking about Roy Harper’s masterful ‘When an Old Cricketer Leaves The Crease’. Then realised Grimethorpe really are musical giants! Grand stuff. xx

Here's an introduction to my favourite band from the 1970s, Be Bop Deluxe.

This track, Music In Dreamland, is from their 2nd album Futurama. It features the legendary Grimethorpe Colliery Band. @grimethorpeband

To Toot or not To Toot?

Too many Toots are not a hoot,

To toot too many toots may bear no fruit,

So we’ll just leave it at….Toot Toot! 🎺🎺

@BrassMusic @grimethorpeband Here at Hathersage Brass Band we have access to the wonderful collection of #BrassInstruments that belong to our #BassTrombone player - @sculptor66 This one is a 1960s Conn Mellophone in the key of F but it also comes with an Eb crook so it can play all the best solos in the #TenorHorn repertoire! #BrassBandLife

@jastsa @classicalmusic We love because we are brass players! He is the master of brass writing, using the section's full tone spectrum and extremities of dynamics & high/low registers. When *really* played with all its subtleties (i.e. not just loud) it is awe-inspiring.

There are many terrific arrangements for , most notably Howard Snell's 'Procession to the Minster' (Lohengrin) - always a glorious concert finisher!

It’s time for Grimethorpe FAQ,
Sort out what’s false and what is true…

“Is there a curly one?”
Not in our band, we have none…

“Do you have a ?”
Not in brass bands, tubas moan…

“Why do your look all squashed?”
They all shrunk down when they were washed!! 🎺🎺🎺

Anyone know why likes/favourites show up on the app version of Mastodon but not on the online version?.... 🧐

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We're so lucky to live in the dales.

If anyone is in any doubt as to just how good brass bands can be and hasn't seen the film, take a listen to this.

What an arrangement!

'nowt better 😀

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