Yes it's really me! IS ANYBODY OUT THERE? 😆

@grahamhughes Welcome. It's quieter here, but that may change quickly now :)

@grahamhughes ah! There you are 👍
Good to have you on board 😁

@grahamhughes Hey Graham! Welcome aboard. Great to see you here. There's plenty of us here, and more to come :bd01:

You made it then?!
Richard Mace here. The bloke that bought the cheapo version of your book with the badly trimmed pages. Good to see you here.

Expect some glitches here, but that's all part of the charm. High levels of take-up are keeping server owner/admins busy.


We are slowly gathering. It's much nicer hear, it just will take time to make our connections again.

I just saw what I typed 😆
"here"! I'm not illiterate, honestly.

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