Damn! James O'Brien just trotted out a popular myth about The World Series being named after a newspaper that sponsored it. That's not true. If I was still on Twitter I could tweet him!

It's human nature to endure a bit of hardship so long as a door is open... there is an escape route. Humans would not be happy in a room of gold if the door was locked.

By "locking the door" on Scotland's route to self-determination, the Westminster government is driving more and more Scottish voters into the arms of the SNP. Not the outcome the Tories and Labour are looking for, I imagine.

In a mature democracy, the door should ALWAYS be left open. Always.

If anyone is having trouble importing their Mastodon following/followers list as a .csv file, it appears that if there's a single foreign character in the document there's a chance it will silently fail to import, even though it says it will in "due time". LIES!

You need to open the .csv file in Excel or Google Sheets or whatever and remove any non-western standard characters (in my case it was a Chinese one), save it and try again. Bit racist, like.

😡While the ‘usual suspects’ wang on about the country being ‘invaded’ by ‘foreigners’only here to rob you of your homes & benefits (wot about all those Brits invading Spain, I ask?)
A reminder that FOM is reciprocal. And they are all cnuts #Brexit #ToryLiars #albanians #Racism

Musk could have put his $44bn into this and helped save the planet. Instead he bought an unprofitable social app and made it EVEN MORE UNPROFITABLE.

Why? Cos he's a Grade-A, Dead Cert, Gold Plated C***


64 matches

~101 minutes a match

6,500 dead

That's a human being — A SLAVE — dying, gasping for air in the pitiless desert, FOR EVERY MINUTE OF PLAY.

IMAGINE if the EU blocked the Brexit referendum...

“Elon Musk admitted to his biographer that the reason the Hyperloop was announced—even tho he had no intention of pursuing it—was to try to disrupt the California high-speed rail project to get in the way of that actually succeeding.” — #ParisMarx #Gizmodo
gizmodo.com/silicon-valleys-tr #ElonMusk #Hyperloop #California #HighSpeedRail #cities #transportation #Tesla #CityPlanning #UrbanPlanning

If anyone is actually watching the , please let me know what companies are advertising there so I can boycott them too, thanks.

How many people have to die horribly for a bit of entertainment before even the thought of it makes you sick to your stomach?

Does anybody have any figures for the great migration from the soon-to-be dodo app to the extinct elephant app?

Every self-respecting country should pull out of FIFA.

Stop empowering and enriching these monsters.

Imagine spending $220bn only to become synonymous with repression, corruption & modern slavery.

This seems like an appropriate first comic for mastodon.

I went to London this week on a SECRET MISSION. Can anyone guess what it was?

Would anyone like to join me for a nice hot cup of SCREW YOU ELON MUSK?

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