25kg of lining paper collected from Wickes over in the next valley. No bike racks unfortunately.

Microwaved a frozen chilli & it exploded, the air in the kitchen is now toxic & I haven't stopped coughing for twenty minutes.

"Last weekend, a couple suffered a four hour wait as they tried to leave the Arndale car park in Manchester city centre, following a Christmas shopping trip."

Maybe driving into city centres isn't working anymore? Just an idea.


Fitted mudguards on my practical bike & took it out for a muddy spin. Came back with relatively clean legs & a bottle of sherry, so a win on two counts.

I remember reverse engineering the DX encoding on 35mm film for shots/ISO years ago just from curiosity & comparing a bunch of rolls I had. Never knew it's actual name until now! youtube.com/watch?v=imMBwUGjXH via @TechConnectify

Pigeon death 

More likely to be a sparrow hawk apparently. Got bored & flown off now, after picking the feathers out of its feet in the garden tree.

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Pigeon death 

Heard a bang in our house during a meeting, went to investigate later & found a red kite dismantling a pigeon in our garden. It's not big enough to fly away with it though as it's only a juvenile. Pretty grim.

Did spot a hedgehog on the way home though, which was one more hedgehog than has ever used our purpose-built hedgehog house in our garden.

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Supposedly live in a civilised modern country, but there's only two trains the three miles home before midnight. I'd have cycled in, but it was due to rain & the mudguards I'm waiting for haven't arrived due to a postal strike.

Diagram: The rules of the road - 'cyclists don't obey them'

This one is from my book 'From A to B'. Find out more, or get cartoons emailed to you, or investigate joining my Diagram Club, here: davewalker.com/

#Cycling #ActiveTravel #BikeTooter #Cartoon #Diagram

Boring non-unique observation but by heck it's cold. It's easy to forget this for half the year.

Brand new cartoon: Two abreast

Some of the thinking behind this cartoon, plus info on reuse, etc: davewalker.com/two-abreast/

Bumped into a neighbour walking his dog the other day & asked him about the new roof he got on his house. Mentioned that it was now completely without spiders, so naturally considering a new roof for our house now.

Four hours of being on a pair programming call has knackered me today.

Never did an when I opened my account, so suppose I ought to.

I'm Gideon, a remote-first software engineer based in Leeds. The focus of my work is BE-focused full stack & writing reusable tooling. Mainly playing around with Typescript & AWS, serverless & more traditional.

Outside of work, I spend my time riding & building bikes, fixing up our house & playing video games. Interested in improving air quality, photography, environmental science & Scrabble.

I was going to go for a ride this lunchtime but considering the fact that visibility is really poor, it's not very tempting any more.

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