We've raised over £13,000 for South East Cancer Help Centre this year, and quite rightly, we're super proud of our achievement!

Many thanks to everyone who helped to get us there, especially and - thanks everyone!

🤗 You know it's a good day when you get 453% of your target on Just Giving for the very brilliant South East Cancer Help Centre

We can help with every type of business insurance.

✅ Commercial Combined
✅ Professional Indemnity
✅ Directors
✅ Trades
✅ Credit
✅ Office
✅ Shop
✅ Motor Trade

And much more! Want to talk about it? Call 020 3883 7976 today!

5 ways you can support your local small business.

💸 Buy from them
🚀 Recommend them to friends & family
👍 Like, comment & share posts
✍️ Write a positive review
🗞️ Join their newsletter

Shop local, shop small this year.

3 things to do today...

⭐ Support Small Businesses
⭐ Support Small Businesses
⭐ Support Small Businesses

That is all.

You should always check what your travel insurance covers to avoid any disappointment, for example a common omission in travel policies is flight cancellation.

But if this isn’t in your insurance package then what can you do in the event that your flight is canceled?

Learn more about what your rights are here 👇

All businesses need to adhere to certain fire safety regulations as set down by law. Whilst you may have filled in all the forms, done all the necessary checks and made reasonable adjustments to your workspace, sometimes it helps to go over the basics.

We take a look at some common fire hazards in retail space and how you can knock any creeping bad habits on the head.

Learn more 👇

First aid is a vital skill in all workplaces, and its place in your manufacturing business’s office, factory or warehouse should not be underestimated.

Here’s what you need to consider...

Click here to learn more 👇

On Wednesday evening our MD David Perry was greatly honoured to meet both King Charles III and the Duke of Wessex at a Buckingham Palace reception.

His Majesty even knew that Federation of Small Businesses is about to celebrate its 50th birthday!

Hello. We're FSB Insurance Service and we provide insurance for FSB members.

You can find our website here: fsb-insurance-service.com/

Nice to be here, please say hello.

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