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I love a book recommendation. Or two. Here's my current reading list:

📘Regenesis by George Monbiot - I've enormous admiration for the Monbiotmeister (e-reader).
📘Ordinary Men by Christopher R. Browning - exploring the depths to which us humans can plunge (audiobook).
📘Safe Area Gorazde by Joe Sacco - award-winning graphic non-fiction (on my iPad).

📚And I keep a reading log at

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Hi folks. Felt I should do an and delighted to be here. I'm an academic GP at Lancaster Medical School and I'm editor of the British Journal of General Practice (BJGP).

I'll be posting about medicine, primary care, medical journals, drugs and drug policy, and politics. Maybe some fell and ultra running stuff as well and a wee bit of photography.

And here's a photo of my sprocker puppy to set the right tone 😀

I'm actually about to switch over to a private instance - I think one of the key features of the is that control and I plan to exercise it!

Slightly nervous about jumping over - seems OK, have read several guides, but if anyone has any hard-earned experience of changing instances then I'm all ears. 👂 👂

I'm not quite 2 weeks in but can I just say how much I am enjoying and making new contacts, having discussions, and engaging with people in a civil, constructive way?

Of course, there is a learning curve but it wasn't that hard and, by golly, it is worth it. 😀

My #introduction to #mastodon:

I'm a biostatistician researching #statistics #biostatistics #epidemiology #publichealth. I primarily work on #bayesian methods for spatio-temporal & environmental #epi and #publichealth surveillance -- often for overcoming challenges related to imperfect data & small areas.

Most of my work is in #substanceuse & the opioid syndemic #hiv #HCV #overdose.

I've also been working on disease mapping models for environmental exposures associated with #ClimateChange.

After 6.5 years of continuous treatment, today is cycle 49 of treatment 4. All very routine now. The lady in room 2 next door (in for her breast cancer treatment), popped in for a chat. Lovely lady, indeed as has been every other fellow patient I’ve met on this unintended journey, which makes me wonder, do only nice people get cancer, or does cancer make you nicer?


If you keep forgetting to add alt text descriptions of your uploaded images, follow this account:


It detects your mistake and sends you a polite DM to remind you.

Very handy

Some very fine advice from John Launer on non-academic medical writing. I try to encourage, whenever I can, to get academics to write more opinion pieces - read this and crack on. 😀

A fortunate writer: reflections of a medical columnist | Postgraduate Medical Journal

@euanlawson I find the narrator is almost more important than the genre. I've loved listening to @neilhimself narrate his own works. Excellent all round. Thoroughly enjoyed Norse Gods and The Sleeper and the Spindle for starters.

A friend just called me a book enabler (b/c I recommend books, good & eclectic ones, and am very enthusiastic about them!) and I cannot think of a thing I'd rather be. It occurs to me that this is why I should have done an MLS, but having missed the boat on that, I would like to announce my availability for the enablement of books, mostly fiction, for anyone in need of suggestions. #books #worldlit #fiction #canlit #reading #bookstodon

I am looking to follow people interested in the following. Not just researchers, also policy people, think tanks, authors, journalists, journals, etc.
Please re-toot or suggest people to follow!

Huge fan of the Reverse Pomodoro (five minutes of work, 25 minutes of lying on my back in existential despair)

In recent years I have got very into audiobooks but I now pick them very carefully. Detailed non-fiction where I might want to take notes/check references are a bit of a disaster - I've just found no good way to do that with an audiobook.

So I now lean to non-fiction with strong storytelling. Could be biography, history, science or political but with a darn good story at the core. Any other suggestions on good types to tackle appreciated!

@euanlawson glad to hear you enjoyed it! I'm up to Chapter 5 about how and why cephalopods make colours despite being mostly colour blind - it's so fascinating

Ca-PRI 2023: Call for abstracts, workshops, posters and presentations!

This year's theme focuses on tailoring our approach to cancer control in primary care. 

We welcome abstracts etc in the following categories:

Screening & Prevention
Early Diagnosis

With cross-cutting themes of

New Tests and Novel Technologies
Impact of, and learning from, COVID-19
Personalised Cancer Care
Systems and Pathways

Since Spotify has added audiobooks now seems like a great time to remind everyone that there’s already a fantastic app that lets you borrow Audiobooks for free! Join your library, download BorrowBox and enjoy!

Supreme Court (SC) judgment on #IndyRef2 is expected today around 9.45 am.

The question is, in effect, whether the Scottish Parliament legislate for a (non-binding) referendum on independence.


There are at least three possible outcomes:

1. SC says it cannot determine the questions at this stage.

2. SC says Scottish Parliament can legislate for such a referendum on independence.

3. SC says Scottish Parliament cannot legislate for a referendum on independence.

What has happened to #NHS staff pay since 2010? The Nuffield Trust have explored how pay for different NHS staff groups has changed in real terms compared to private sector pay.

NHS staff are striking this winter, nurses for the first time ever, this is why.

#MedMastodon #PayRestoration #SupportTheStrikes #EnoughIsEnough #NoXP

Been here for around 10-12 days myself and lovin' it. So warm and welcoming and an awesome community ;)

👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻 hello #introductiontoot

I'm a Maltese-Canadian 🇲🇹🇨🇦 doctor based in Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

The highlands ⛰️ were my home for over 7 years until I moved to Glasgow last Summer to start a new academic job!

I am passionate about #meded 💕 and am a general practitioner (a.k.a family physician) by background 🩺

Excited to try a new social media platform 🙌🏻

#MedMastodon #introduction

I touched on this in my own editorial in this month's .

Freely available here:

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The new Chair only started on Saturday but she has made a big splash on the Guardian today. All about moral distress but this final part is important - all political parties are doing this and focusing on access.

Of course, people are worried about seeing a GP - but it simply can't be done in many places with available resources. And it adds to abuse of GPs, to GP bashing, and it *will* make it worse.

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