Because of Social Security benefits, elderly parents were less likely to need support from their children and their children were in turn more likely to live elsewhere and have higher earnings, perhaps because migration improved labor market matching

interesting paper from Fetter Lockwood Mohnen

UK health inequalities & productivity 

@willball12 Perhaps, but as the period of ill-health before death grows (LE minus HLE) the expected period of sickness benefits (during which the recipent cannot work at all as @emilytmurray points out) may offset some/all of any savings to the benefits bill (plus costs of means testing, checks, admin etc.), while also both increasing worklessness and harming mental and physical health further.

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Using #FReDA data from Wave 1, we found that parents were confronted w/ additional challenges during the #pandemic, which people w/out children did not face. The child's age played an important role as the challenges differed based on the children's ages.


* New paper announcement! *
Findings: If you lived in a local authority in 2011 where more older people were in poor , you had a higher odds of being out of work.
- no matter your age (adult) & for all economic I.e. , etc.)
- True for 9 different ways of measuring health-in-a-place.
- Link between health-in-a-place & work outcomes stronger for self-rated health indicators.
Link here:

UK health inequalities & productivity 

It should be fairly obvious that if healthy life expectancy is below normal retirement age then the effect is only to move people from unconditional state pension to means-tested sickness benefits,

UK universities ‘systematically underpaying staff for years’

Quite a set of quotes from two uni heads:

"Michael Spence, president of UCL, told Times Higher Education...that staff had suffered as a result of the UK’s massification. “We’ve balanced the books by hugely increasing numbers of international students, by, in many institutions, not investing in adequate repairs and maintenance and, as a system, systematically underpaying our staff,” he said."

#ucu #ucuRising

#Brexit added almost £6bn to UK #food bills in the two years to the end of 2021, affecting poorest households the most, new research reveals.

University of California PhD Pay is Among the Lowest in the U.S. After Accounting for Cost of Living

Been a bit quiet on mastodon this week. Busy striking for better pay and a reversal of a 35% pension cut on the basis of an invisible fund deficit. #ucuRising - have to say there was brilliant support on the picket line.

When I started as an #Academic there was a kind of social contract that we wouldn't earn vast salaries, but we had a solid, index-linked, final salary pension scheme to compensate. Now we still expect young researchers to be badly paid AND the #USS pension scheme has been torn up, with higher contributions, lower benefits and baffling complexity. Back to the barricades. #UCURising #UCUStrike

#ucuRISING If you, like me, can't strike today (for me, I'm sick, but i know some are worried about money), please donate:

Angry statisticians providing the latest data on USS pensions:
USS surplus £5.66 billion. Loss of retirement income 35%. Current contributions 31.4%. Cost to restore benefits 24.4%. It's affordable - give it back!

Soo.. who else is on strike (again) today? What are you doing? How are you feeling? What are you hoping for? 🪧✨
#ucurising @ucu

Today, I will only be liking and tooting posts about the
The issues the strike are about are long-standing and systemic: low pay, insecure contracts, pension cuts & inequitable conditions. We must take a stand.

Another strike day for UK #academics. The systemic issues of low pay, insecure contracts, pension cuts, and inequitable conditions will persist if we don't take a stand. #ucu #ucurising

Back on strike today, the third day of action in this fortnight. So thinking again about this that I wrote last week about academic careers:

New 3-year Qualitative Researcher
I am co-Investigator on an ESRC (PI Avril Keating)
We are looking for a Postdoctoral Researcher with expertise in using participatory & visual/ arts-based methods with young people.
You will be part of a mixed-methods team at UCL-IOE & will play a pivotal role in the project.
Deadline: 29/11/2022.
More info here:

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