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A brief intro to me. You can probably expect me to engage in content about , , , , , , , , and random stuff.

I’ve worked with many research, campaigning and advocacy organisations, been in the media, have written a lot, and am currently writing another non-fiction book. I have a science PhD and I don’t like shoutiness.

Had to repost this here. Apparently from a library in Utrecht, Netherlands.

You power your device by cycling!

I need one of these set ups. The exercise would be brilliant.

Hello: has any scientist on here abandoned Twitter for Mastodon entirely? I’m looking to speak to you for a story I’m writing

When I was at school, my local library, Birchwood Library, was open for 6 days a week. Being able to access the books there helped me to excel in my GCSE & A Levels which led to me getting into the University of York.
Birchwood Library is in a deprived area of Lincoln & has helped generations of young people. Its opening hours have reduced but it's still operating thankfully & acts as a community hub, with a café space.

Apologies for the random apostrophe after ‘thinking’!

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I’ve just been reading an interesting discussion on LinkedIn about how people should remind themselves that , , reading, learning etc is also - not just ‘doing’. We can often get caught up in meetings, emails, writing, presenting, etc and not allow any real time in the day to reflect on what needs doing, what could be done better, what are we trying to achieve, or even and thinking: all critical if we’re to produce our best work.

The world now has 8 million Mastodon accounts and 8 billion people. So, as a Mastodon user, you’re one in a thousand.

Myself and a bunch of other lovely local children's authors will be at Waterstones Bath on Thursday evening! 🎅 Why not drop in and get a book signed (or maybe a few so you can be an excellent present-giver 😁)

A toot 🧵 on why belief is replacing knowledge 👇
We’re living at a time where many people trust influencers and compelling orators more than facts and evidence. This is leading to widespread , misunderstanding and ‘fake news’, and potentially shaping how society responds to issues. But why is this happening? Surely, there are plenty of well-qualified people out there regularly communicating the facts – why are they not more influential?

Just a reminder that this weekend is the San Francisco Free Museum Weekend - with a bunch of museums across the city offering free entry on either Saturday or Sunday. The website has all the details and will let you reserve tickets.

#SanFrancisco #sfba #museum #museums #SFBayArea #SanFranciscoBayArea

We're riding into the weekend with SUCH a ... because there are so many delightful children's books out there at the moment!

Here are our picks for December - which ones are going on your reading list?

Pic: Sara Ogilvie

I thought I’d do another explainer for the clues I posted yesterday.
First, the basics.
Rule 1 with a cryptic clue: ignore what the sentence appears to mean - it’s irrelevant.
Rule 2: there’s a definition at one end of the clue or the other. The rest of the clue is wordplay.
Rule 3: every word is doing something. There’s nothing there just to pad it out.
Most beginners get further than they expect simply by guessing at which bit is the definition.
#crossword #cryptics #CrosswordClueSpoilers

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📢Come work with us!📢

The #GlobalGovernance unit at the WZB Berlin has an opening for a 4-year #postdocposition in InternationalRelations or related fields.

Highly productive research environment, great team, cool city.

7️⃣ days left to apply!


I’m very excited to have finally received the Chinese translation of my this week!! It was actually published 2 years ago but I never got hard copies until now. I hadn’t noticed from the online cover image that there’s a tiny person with a telescope on it! 🔭

Is your timeline feeling a bit empty?

Spice it up by visiting a directory and following people on topics you are interested in:


More tips on finding people to follow at

#Mastodon #Fediverse

Excited developments for ’s . A breakthrough in finding a treatment that has some impact on the disease. It won’t have a huge benefit for now but offers hope for future generations that the disease might be tamed. For context, this is a field where vast amounts of research have pretty much come to nothing until now. Congratulations to the researchers involved 👏

🔬Alzheimer's drug lecanemab hailed

#WritingCommunity two opportunities if you are looking for someplace to submit your #Stories #CreativeNonfiction and #poetry.

Free to submit today, regular fee tomorrow.
Free to submit, submissions close tomorrow.

For those in the United States:

988 is a new phone number that recently went live to help people get help in a mental health crisis. Similar to 911, this line is dedicated for anyone in need of mental health assistance of any kind. It's 988.

Please boost to spread the news. Save someone's life.

#SuicideAwareness #988 #mentalhealth

Random question:

Have any of you secured a (mid or senior career) job without applying or interviewing for it? (i.e. you’ve been proactively offered it based on your connections, proven merit etc)

I’m interested to find out how often (if at all) this happens and in what industries.

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