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The best thing I’ve learned this week is that when squirrels fall/jump - they land like superheroes!

Been sick for 5 days - everything from congestion and coughing to body aches and hallucinations. Finally feeling better late this afternoon. This was supposed to go up on Sunday - I am late. Damn, I lost some serious time through there. Hope everyone out there stays healthy for the holidays!

The WordPress State of the Word 2022 is coming!

Join others from around the world as co-founder Matt Mullenweg presents this year’s WordPress keynote address from New York City on December 15, 2022, 1:00–2:30 PM EST (18:00–19:30 UTC).

Check wordpress.org/news/2022/11/sta for more info

Elon Musk is running Twitter into the ground.

Sam Bankman-Fried’s FTX was outed as a Ponzi scheme.

Jeff Bezos is touting his philanthropy as Amazon lays off thousands.

The billionaires will not save us.

They're tearing society down — and we're all the collateral.

Good moooo-rning to you all. Sorry to milk this photo for that lame pun. It is udderly disgraceful. Hey, if you have a beef with me for my bad sense of humor, hoof it on over and let me know and I will steer this in a different direction. Yes, this is my own material - I don’t farm out my jokes.

Elon Musk ain't no Genius...just a spoiled rich guy born into money who buys stuff and breaks it...

Not great art, but very tasty. I present to you my Thanksgiving baking from this past week - a pecan pie and an apple crumble.

I love that on Mastodon I see posts in real time, from people I follow, and vice-versa, rather than whatever an algorithm has decided is the only content I need for today. What a crazy concept!

#AlgorithmFree #Decentralization #Mastodon

If you’re afraid that books might change someone’s thinking, you’re not afraid of books, you’re afraid of thinking.

Hello Mastodon.

I am looking for new PhD students to come work with me at the Oxford Internet Institute in 22/23 (@oiioxford) to study the future of data privacy and digital rights, the impact of AI and algorithms on digital platforms, and help co-create better digital futures.

Boosts very much appreciated! 🐘

#dataprivacy #digitarights #privacy #phd #academia

It's #DoctorWho day.

The first ever episode of British science fiction series #DoctorWho (to which I am addicted) was aired #OnThisDay in 1963. These are all the actors who played the titular role. David Tennant is MY Doctor 😀
#BlueBox #DoctorWhoDay #OTD

Trans rights are human rights.

Black lives matter.

No human is illegal.

Love is love.

Their body, their choice.

Science is real.

Kindness is everything.

P.S. If you started following me due to this post, PLEASE look at my profile and decide if it's for you.

Make sure general nerdiness, tabletop roleplay, and other related pursuits are the kind of content you want to see in your timeline.

Our values obviously align, but our interests/hobbies might not. No hard feelings if you unfollow. 😉

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