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I don’t understand why people think Mastodon is difficult. It seems pretty straightforward, and the separate servers are no biggie. I’m enjoying this fresh start here, like moving to a new apartment!

Technical question for anyone using for self publishing. For a fantasy novel 177k words, I've currently set a trim size of 6" X 9". I'm starting to think that may be too large - would 5.5" X 8.5" or 5.25" X 8" be better?

I know this isn't a writing server but I thought I would just ask. You people seem nice. 😘

Am in need of East Asia and Australasia-based freelance journalists to report on China, Japan, Australia and around. Anyone interested email me mlooi at bmj dot com

Some welcome sunshine today, but temperatures now down to single figures.
This was the view looking up the River Tyne this afternoon, from the South Shields ferry landing.
The large vessel is the DFDS 'King Seaways', preparing for the overnight sailing across the North Sea to Amsterdam.

As a blind individual, I have to say that #Caturday on #Mastodon is far far more enjoyable then at #Twitter, where the vast majority of cat photos are not described.

It is also been fascinating for me to hear descriptions written by those who sent the image, immediately followed by Apple image recognition’s attempts to describe the same image. Only rarely does that add anything to the ALT, & often directly contradicts it.

There is no auto magical solution to image description. It is something best done by a human, for only that human can explain the “why” of the image: the reason that image was chosen to speak so eloquently without words for those who can see it. ALT allows you to provide those words.

What a day! Thank you #NewUsers for being patient and understanding what a strain Mastodon is under. The performance issues you experienced today are not normal. As you can see things are running more smoothly now.

We witnessed the incredible resilience of a distributed system. Admins all over the world responded swiftly, and will manage future growth challenges too. This is the future of social media.

These are incredible people. Support your instance if you can.


@britishcomposers Okay, you cats! Bet you didn't see this one coming, huh? SIR , "Lullaby of Birdland", performed by and the Dek-Tettes Download here:

@juglugs You have made an old man---my husband---happy, with your hilarious wordplay, which I am reading to him.

So yesterday I spoke of the need to #FundTheFediverse - to build critical infrastructure for the #Fediverse & the need to do so before the next item in the #MuskPocolypse occurs. (Which seems daily)

These are my early ideas: in 🧵 form.

1. The first obvious thing is to donate to your local instance admin, find their Patreon, usually on their about page, & give even $1 dollar.

Make it happen. Give $8 bucks if you want the added benefit of mocking Elon.

Next one in the reply.

Will the Royal Mail be rebranded to the Charles III Post Office, or C3PO for short? 🤔

I always get confused between elves, sprites, pixies fairies, etc.

I guess I don't understand the gnomenclature

“Then the spaceman took over the bird site so we all started tooting at the elephant place.”

“Oh…ok grandpa. Let’s get you back to bed.”

Do you feel more like you do now than you did before?

Started investing in stocks: Chicken, Beef, Vegetable…

One day I hope to be a bouillonaire.

Newcastle City Council believes that residents should feel safe across the city and its 26 neighbourhoods

Here is my #Introduction, with hashtags. I’m an #author and essayist, former president of the #AuthorsGuild. I’m part of, and hopeful about, the #TwitterMigration.

I write about #science and #technology and their cultural effects. My books include #Chaos, The #Information, and #TimeTravel, as well as biographies of Richard #Feynman and Isaac #Newton.

Taking the plunge here! Please follow me and let me know how I’m doing…

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