Continuing Lighthouse Week on @Rjdlandscapes , this time Castlepoint lighthouse on the East coast of the North Island, a couple hours north of Wellington

This was shot during a 4 day visit running an astro photography workshop with Mark Gee

I ended up spending the rest of the long weekend in bed sick so didnt get anywhere near the exploring done I had hoped 😞

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#FairyTaleTuesday is #mountain themed today.

In Scotland, the Cailleach - the ancient hag goddess associated with the creation of oor wee country is said to have formed the mountain ranges with her bare hands. 
She is particularly associated with the highest peak, Ben Nevis - which she took as her throne & with Ben Cruachan, that she drank from.

One day, she fell asleep, forgetting to stopper the flow, flooding the land below, creating what is now Loch Awe.
#folklore #scottishfolklore

The path of the competent person is beset on all sides by the inadequacies of the foolish and the tyranny of mindless bureaucrats.

Washington DC voted to make its bus system fare-free, starting July 1. This is big...the first major US city to make their bus service completely free, and hopefully will serve as an example to other bus services around the nation. This makes the busses available not only to the middle class but also to the very poor who can't afford other words, greater equity. (EDIT: I found out Kansas City has been free for 2 years. My apologies to them.) #transit #bus #PublicTransit

I don't tend to photograph the #forest at the #goldenhour - particularly when the sun is strong.

That doesn't mean I am not out looking for images at this time of day; it's just that direct sunlight usually adds unwanted complexity to most scenes. The woods are full of chaos & need to be simplified.

Below are some images where the strong golden light did add something extra.

p.s. A big THANK YOU for all of the awesome support on my Groot #tree post.

#photography #naturephotography #woodland

December 7.
Thomas the Thatcher

Scottish Traveller tale from Duncan Williamson.
Thomas the thatcher does his job well, but everyone in his village complains that his own roof is always a mess. Disheveled, loose, not pretty. Finally, when they complain about him to the judge, Thomas explains why:
He leaves his own roof loose and untidy, so the birds and small animals have somewhere to nest and hide in the winter.

🐦 🐿️

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Happy Thursday tooters!

I offer skeletons of Physalis lanterns from my garden, complete with seeds 😊

@classicalmusic One last treat before bedtime, dedicated to my bonny : "Quintet" from In Concert, the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra conducted by the legendary .

One of my favorite Twitter accounts was always Matthew Christopher's Abandoned America. Matthew closed up shop on Twitter and moved to Mastodon as @AbandonedAmerica. You should follow and support his work not only because we need more mid-size original content accounts here, but because his photos are FANTASTIC.

@classicalmusic Must share this SCRUMPTIOUS piece with you. raises the game for all musicians— cribbed bigtime from him for et al... And here, my beloved 's clean, forceful conducting of the in Korngold's masterpiece (almost) makes up for his musically derelict, whitewashed Oklahoma! of 2017. Still, I love the limey weed.

I was telling my mom about Mastodon (she isn't on social media)...

She giggles every time I say the word 'Toot'! 🤣

I don't remember her giggling so much when I first explained a 'Tweet'!

By the way, I spell it 'mom' not 'mum' because I'm from the West Midlands. 😉

How I, as a historian of crime and violence, got involved with 15th-century records describing men's faces, and what it means for the history of surveillance:

A drawing I did for a friend, this is of his daughter with her new puppy.
Cretacolor Nero pencils 12x16 inches

It's sad that so little is made in the UK any more.

I bought a radio and it says "built in antenna"

I don't even know where that is.

Day 6 of the Advent Calendar brings us a super-fun one from The Linda Lindas (yes, those shredders who brought us Racist Sexist Boy last year)...

This is an amazing explanation that has changed my way of thinking about music theory: Adam Neely "Music Theory and White Supremacy". Now I need to find out more about Philip Ewell.

i hate buying clothes online but all the shops near me have closed down...

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