Going nuts trying to explain to my white, husband! He finds it incomprehensible. We little kids used to play this every year around Christmas time.

To sign off for the evening: If any of you have questions about what it's like to care for a spouse who's , please feel free to ask. Or if you need advice. Or a place to vent, even.

To give you an idea of what Mister Grumble and I share by way of : Last night we heard (on ) the 2008 chapter of 's ; chapter 2 of 's World of Wonders (also on ); and listened to/watched on 's weirdly prescient deadpan satire soap Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman—very recommended. Tonight: Cheers on Amazon and The Great Gildersleeve on internet Old Time Radio ().

Election Day in the US. Already voted by mail 2 weeks ago. Demographically+politically, we're a split family: Libertarian (him) / Democrat (me); blind (him) / sighted (me); Caucasian (him) / Pacific Islander (me). Waiting to see how it all tumbles out.

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