@classicalmusic One last treat before bedtime, dedicated to my bonny : "Quintet" from In Concert, the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra conducted by the legendary . bit.ly/QuintetWSS

@classicalmusic Must share this SCRUMPTIOUS piece with you. raises the game for all musicians— cribbed bigtime from him for et al... And here, my beloved 's clean, forceful conducting of the in Korngold's masterpiece (almost) makes up for his musically derelict, whitewashed Oklahoma! of 2017. Still, I love the limey weed. bit.ly/KorngoldInF

@britishcomposers This perfect choral selection for the holidays: "The Lord Is My Shepherd" (Psalm 23) set to music by , who's fast becoming my favorite contemporary Brit tunesmith / serious composer. Below is the cast of the The Vicar of Dibley, for which this is the theme, lucky ducks. bit.ly/psalm23goodall

’s pop fans in Britain have nothing to worry about—all the goodness of the (1994-2019) is now squeezed into his old/new group, the . Thank Kennedy Street Productions for this 2023 Holiday Season run. Now we’ll hear the rest of the John’s been transcribing all these years. Meanwhile here’s The John Wilson Orchestra’s “signature” tune, the MGM Overture: bit.ly/jwomgmoverture

This week's FREE DOWNLOADS on my LinkTree---Songs: the bros' "Changing My Tune" diva and Psycho () star vocalists; "Goodness Gracious Me" and vocalists. Ebooks: "The Musical Anthology (289pp). Vids: "The New English Teacher" from with and . linktr.ee/cantarachristopher So laugh already!

Joined to support ko-fi.com/mastodonappuk . But if you like the downloadable books and / or short pieces at pinypress.com, simonawing.com, cantarachristopher.medium.com or cantarachristopher.com, feel free to shoot me a random pound (UK1.00=US1.24) or two. In time I'll be offering special ebooks, exclusive to Supporters. ko-fi.com/cantara

WESTWARD THE WOMEN. On their way to meet their chosen husbands they’ve survived a flood, an Indian attack, the desertion of their cowardly (male) guides—and now in the middle of the baking heat of the Great Salt Flats, in a broken-down wagon, the frailest of their number is giving birth. As the women struggle to keep the wagon upright, they hear the first cry of a newborn babe. Complete movie: bit.ly/westwardthewomen

Going nuts trying to explain to my white, husband! He finds it incomprehensible. We little kids used to play this every year around Christmas time.

BEYOND THE SEA, 2004. directs, acts, and sings in this biopic of American pop singer Bobby Darin. This number is HOT, fellow babies. Dick Behrke's arrangement of the standard is infused with my beloved 's and his 's familiar snap and sparkle. A 2006 Grammy nominee. Download here: bit.ly/jwobeyond

One last share before I go out to do some chores: 's KISS ME, KATE from the BBC Proms, 2014. Download the entire 2.15 audio here: bit.ly/jwokissme . Link to the entire show from on poster below. My blog thoughts here: bit.ly/dirtycole . This is one hot show to watch and to listen to. Enjoy!

@britishcomposers Born in the neighborhood of near my beloved 's own birthplace of , Shield became Master of the King's Music and wrote popular like Rosina, where this yummy ditty "When William, at Eve" comes from. Dame shows her pipes here. bit.ly/williamshield

THE BAD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, 1952. @britishcomposers director, starring and . What do you do when you’re a passionate actress still in love with a wounding bastard who’s a screen genius? You make the damn movie. Download this Brit-born arrangement of 's theme played by the , helmed by the man I long for, . bit.ly/jworaksin

@britishcomposers Loathed the "jazz" album John did with Rodney Bennett but the cover was nice. So here's a mashup of it, showing RRB and my beloved at 28, but advertising RRB's "Concerto for Stan Getz", which he wrote in 1990 and John conducted in 2017 with the . bit.ly/getzbennett

MISTER MAGOO'S CHRISTMAS CAROL, 1962. composer, Bob Merrill lyricist, Walter Scharf orchestrator. An underrated musical gem and one of the bright spots of my childhood. Download full music soundtrack here: bit.ly/magoosxmas

French Singer-Songwriter Charles Trenet and the Secret Signal That Saved France // There's more to this story than a song and a poem. bit.ly/bbctrenet

On the 2 occasions repeated this concert, Burton Lane's tune from the movie Royal Wedding, "Sunday Jumps", was cut out (at 1h05m). But thanks to 's number-one -based fan, here's my bonny conducting the in Skip Martin's arrangement. The link on the poster is for the 1h23m show on BBC4. Here's the link for the audio download: bit.ly/jwoxmas2010 .

@classicalmusic My beloved and his received the 2022 Gramophone Classical Music Award for a Recording in for their Ravel album on Chandos. Download the first cut here: bit.ly/jwsolbolero

@britishcomposers Okay, you cats! Bet you didn't see this one coming, huh? SIR , "Lullaby of Birdland", performed by and the Dek-Tettes Download here: bit.ly/melshear

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