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Joined to support . But if you like the downloadable books and / or short pieces at,, or, feel free to shoot me a random pound (UK1.00=US1.24) or two. In time I'll be offering special ebooks, exclusive to Supporters.

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One last share before I go out to do some chores: 's KISS ME, KATE from the BBC Proms, 2014. Download the entire 2.15 audio here: . Link to the entire show from on poster below. My blog thoughts here: . This is one hot show to watch and to listen to. Enjoy!

@britishcomposers This perfect choral selection for the holidays: "The Lord Is My Shepherd" (Psalm 23) set to music by , who's fast becoming my favorite contemporary Brit tunesmith / serious composer. Below is the cast of the The Vicar of Dibley, for which this is the theme, lucky ducks.

’s pop fans in Britain have nothing to worry about—all the goodness of the (1994-2019) is now squeezed into his old/new group, the . Thank Kennedy Street Productions for this 2023 Holiday Season run. Now we’ll hear the rest of the John’s been transcribing all these years. Meanwhile here’s The John Wilson Orchestra’s “signature” tune, the MGM Overture:

This week's FREE DOWNLOADS on my LinkTree---Songs: the bros' "Changing My Tune" diva and Psycho () star vocalists; "Goodness Gracious Me" and vocalists. Ebooks: "The Musical Anthology (289pp). Vids: "The New English Teacher" from with and . So laugh already!

Those of us who are desperate to rejoin the EU must try to understand what Starmer is doing. I'm sure he has been talking to the EU about ways of aligning ourselves closer. We obviously need to go into the single market but the EU will not consider it without a supermajority after our horrendous destabilising behaviour. The country isn't there yet and I'm willing to trust Starmer. We MUST get the Tories out at the next GE before we can do anything.

I'm sure there are some things in life better than a Brysons Vanilla Slice. But I've yet to come across it.

I watched a documentary on cannabis last night. I haven't a clue what it was about.

Burrowing females indicates potential egg laying, & consequently baby beetles (or triungulins)

Fantastic news for the Mediterranean Oil Beetle, thought extinct until 2012, when a population was discovered by
entomologist John Walters in south .

This little beetle can grow up to 36 mm in length, but is usually up to 20 mm in Britain. It's very rare, mainly nocturnal, found on coastal grasslands and is currently only known from a few sites in southern England in the UK.

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[1978] Elvis Costello - Top of the Pops performance of "Oliver's Army", performed by Costello and the Attractions. The song is a new wave track that was lyrically inspired by the Troubles in Northern Ireland and includes lyrics critical of the socio-economic components of war.

Walden Pond, a spot made famous by Henry David Thoreau, is an unassuming little pond. Charming tourists speaking a variety of languages abound, like the Japanese visitor who brought me an acorn (ubiquitous in my New England life) while I was taking pictures on the beach and asked me what his discovery was. He found the acorn marvelous, tucking it away to take home, and I found his wonder at nature marvelous, too.
#WaldenPond #photography #LandscapePhotography #nature #NaturePhotography

#OtD 5 Dec 1891, pioneering Russian constructivist artist and revolutionary Alexander Rodchenko was born in a working class family in St Petersburg

What's going on here is that unrelated libertarian principles are being recoded as issues of free speech. All of sudden preventing algorithmic harm becomes leftist censorship, and the culture war is used as a bulwark against government regulation of discriminatory technologies.

"Algorithmic decisions about parole, loan approvals, interest rates, program admissions, insurance premiums, security clearance, etc. that depend on race and ethnicity? That's not discrimination, it's *speech*."

I'm not on social media much for a bit as other projects and family visits are keeping me occupied, but I have started my next round of #RVWSymphonyOdyssey listening: two cycles recorded over the same time period in the same venue, London's Kingsway Hall. Such a pleasure to compare them side-by-side.

@classicalmusic @symphonies #symphonies

Joined to support . But if you like the downloadable books and / or short pieces at,, or, feel free to shoot me a random pound (UK1.00=US1.24) or two. In time I'll be offering special ebooks, exclusive to Supporters.

➡️ The UK government deployed 15 staff on the police-led secret operation to seize Julian

These new revelations raise further concerns about the politicisation of the WikiLeaks founder’s legal case. ICYMI

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