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Please donate to those working hard to keep the servers/Instances going. Mine goes to @wild1145

If you are on you can donate here 👇🏽

Let’s try this again. Where you at #fediverse? Boosts welcome so we can get the best sample size.

So yesterday I told you I have a long running joke with my best pal where we have to give each other increasingly outrageous pictures of ourselves. So here is this year’s effort. I wish I could properly convey the massiveness of it. (Thank you Van Gogh)

Should Twitter go bust, it would be the fastest way to spend $44bn and lose it, ever known?

Chaos in the Other Place 

Absolutely stunned by this account of what’s going on in the Other Place - and so grateful we have this community now! What a week… 👇
#TwitterMigration #Twitter #ElonMusk

I tried to take a photo of a grasshopper on my windshield, but now it looks like it's gigantic and destroying the town.

There's a Twitter All-Staff meeting going on right now and Elon Musk just told everyone he's not sure how much run rate the company has and “that bankruptcy isn’t out of the question.”

The federated timeline is a blast - an unstoppable global feed of toots at 1000 mph

Looking for someone ? 🙋‍♂️ A few familiar faces:

🔹 @stephenfry - a true British institution

🔹 @gretathunberg - an activist, maybe you've heard of her idk

🔹 @deborahmeaden - Dragons' Den star and host of BBC climate change show

🔹 @kathygriffin - Comedian who once said i deserve a nobel prize on the bird app. true story.

Who do you recommend following, or otherwise? 🤔 I'm going to make this a series

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