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Shameless self promo 

I run several blogs and newsletters, and there are a few ways of heling fund my time to work on them if you want to

The first is my main blog at:

And this has a little bit of everything that I work on on it

sometimes the best shot is. the only one you can get - first time I've seen the Bullfinch this winter

Just set up a monthly donation to to help out with increasing server costs, you can too at and setup a monthly donation


Guests arrive, sit down and I immediately ask if anyone wants a drink.

Put the kettle on, wander back in and start talking to them.

15-20 mins later... remember I put the kettle on. Put the kettle back on.

Get talking again, 10 mins later... fuck.. the drinks.

Have to empty the kettle and refill because twice boiled water does not make a nice cup of tea.

Yeah... come to my house, it could take 30-60 mins before you actually get one.


So it's going to be one of those days is it?

(having to return to the kitchen after sitting down to retrieve the cup of tea I just made after walking away from it)

Twitter: ‘AI tech is using artists’ online work to train itself to mimic those artist’s styles!’

Me, putting my face in my hands. ‘Well, at least I’ll still be able to get writing work.’

Twitter: ‘Let’s all have conversations with this AI so we can teach it how to replicate expressionate writing!’

#AI #Art #Illustration #AIArt #Writing #Writer #IrishWriter #ChatGPT #Publishing

@bigbeardedbookseller this has been on repeat in my head since seeing them live in June (after a 2 Yr covid delay)

And these guys were new to me this year (but not new)

And this…this is why librarians are crucial to the cultural life of a country. Whether in small ways or large (as below) they are heroes who protect but also spread knowledge. My childhood librarian was my lifeline. How about you?
#librarians #libraries #books #ukraine #knowledge #bookstodon

Another new post on my photography blog, this time a misty photograph of a wall in Skinningrove, love the horror film feel of it.

@bigbeardedbookseller Cosmosis by Tony Allen, United in Grief by Kendrick Lamar, End of the Empire I-III by Arcade Fire and as every year A Love Supreme.

Dear artists (the squishy bags of mostly water kind)

I just want to say thank you! For picking up that pencil/brush/stylus. For the countless hours of learning, practice, bad art days, failures, successes, for attempting, persisting and striving to improve. Thank you for all of your hard work, for sharing your vision and the things you have created with the world. Your artwork inspires others every single day!

#MastoArt #Art #TraditionalArt #DigitalArt #Illustration #ArtistsOnMastodon #Artist

Morning, going to be another pootling on the internet day, sorting blog posts, updating sites, then cooking, cleaning, and end of year gardening to clear stuff up.

May post some images later, will definitely be doing some reading and listening to music, probably quite loud music.

What was your favourite song/track from this year?

While I was elsewhere I tripped over this, about the sorts of books with maps in the front:

Andrea Stewart stopped by #captialbooksonkstreet to sign a few copies of her book the Bone shard emperor!! She even got to pet the store cat Shelly ! @bookstodon all the fun stuff happens when I’m not there

A tea toned cyanotype print of a curlew (an endangered bird that migrates to the moor by our house in the spring) on Japanese paper.

Just a reminder, I'm still getting daily reports for posts lacking content warnings for things as simple as gun violence, self harm, death, and politics. 

I am removing one offs, silencing accounts that are getting multiple posts removed, and suspending the hate speach.

To the #Mastoadmin and moderation teams, keep on top of your people's transition from the toxic cesspool to our growing community, enforce the established norms to make the fediverse a place for everyone, especially the vulnerable and marginalized, or I will defederate from you.

Whether you are disabled or not, accessibility is really useful for everyone. Accessibility makes social media easier to use and lets your posts reach a wider audience.

You can find out how to make your posts more accessible at:


Special shout out to @norrumar who has just created a Spanish language article about Mastodon for users of the free open source NVDA screen reader:

➡️ (in Spanish)

#Fediverse #Mastodon #Accessibility #Disability

The more people I follow here the better things get which is the complete opposite of Twitter.

Finally got around to updating my Patreon with new tiers (added photography and tarot tiers) and going to work on the introduction tonight to make it more relevant

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