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Lenny Beige was asked to sing on this festive ditty for charity by The Screaming Jacksons
A Merry Lenny Christmas - featuring the legendary larynx of Mr Lenny Beige!

It is raising money for Teenage Cancer Trust and the premise is simple - every time you listen to the song, every penny made from every stream and download goes to the charity. That’s it!

And if you want to donate more than just a listen you can do that here…

Happy Christmas everyone!

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Pearly Kings and Queens at St Martin-in-the-Fields, 1970. (credit: RDImages/Epics/Getty)

Podcast Recommendation :
Anthropocene Reviewed - really loving this. Its well written, well researched and John Green is easy on the ear.

Tune of the Day :

'Romeo is Bleeding' by Tom Waits

Waits is an undisputed master of the written word and whilst his spoken word jazz infused creations can almost verge on the pastiche, the brilliance of the lyrics are evocative and laser sharp.
It's taken from the magnificent Blue Valentine LP from 1978. It is inspired by real events about the shooting of a Mexican gang leader in Los Angeles.

This is a liver version from Austin in 1978

Follow this man @Pugwash - the last link didn't work.
He's a quality gent

@Pugwash is here. He’s talented, rude, fucking funny and I demand you follow him!

This is the Christmas song I have co written with Guy Chambers and Trickster......this is the sweary version and MUCH better than the other 'Praise Be Its Christmas' version.
All for a good cause if bought through the usual channels. Have a look and give it a share......

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I’ve joined the Guardian World Cup Team. Sort of. One new World Cup related composition released every Friday (for duration of tournament). Think it will also be in actual paper on Saturday. Here’s the first!

‘Ok lads, I’d like you to give it your best pretentious indie look…..really go for it.
yup that’s great.’

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I've just been stopped by a copper - he gave me the verdigris.

Tune of the Day

'Foxy Lady' by Jimi Hendrix

Because he'd have been 80 years old today I had to feature one of the great man's tracks and of course LIVE. There is so much to unpack about this performance - particularly the entire lo-fi village fete atmosphere in Maui. The song itself either inspired by his girlfriend. Lithofayne "Faye" Pridgon and or the pet kitten and or the poodle he gifted to her, both named Foxy

Working out well……
Brexit blow: exports to Japan slump after ‘landmark’ free trade deal | Brexit | The Guardian

I’m seeing an increase in Wordle postings. I don’t need to see Wordle postings. Keep your Wordle dealings private please

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Greetings from the bowels of Mastodon! This is my first toot, so allow me to introduce my lovely self. 😉

My name's Paul Mathews and I'm a British comedy novelist who lives in Poland, writes full-time & loves dogs/cats.

I've just published my 12th humorous novel 'Terry From Another Dimension' and now I need a break! So I'm looking to connect with writers, readers & lovers of English humour.

I follow back. So come join me!

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"So, it's like Twitter but it's not Twitter, everyone is really nice to each other and it's toots not tweets, boosts not retweets, and faves not likes and you choose a server at the start, which some people call an instance – don't know why, it's not important – but you can move servers really easily, and you write a good bio, hashtag your toots and always add Alt Text to images, and so I'm on there and we should, you know, connect so you can boost my toots... what's your name again?"

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One week left to visit the Museum of London week left to visit the Museum of London"

In just 7 days time, the Museum of London will close the doors of its current home for the final time as it prepares to move to its new home in Smithfield.<div class="read-more"><a href="">Read more ›</a></div><!-- end of .read-more -->

Read more:

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This is a quiffy hairpiece fashioned from the excess hair collected after Strudel had a good combing session.

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