You can't treat the "viewpoints" of two sides as equal when you know one side is lying.

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@[email protected] @[email protected] Is your horse warm Zahawi? Have the Tories returned the donations given to them from Russian oligarchs yet?? Has Lebedev had his peerage revoked yet???
Putin will be well pleased with you


This is derisory offer in terms of pay rise from @[email protected] but worse, they are intending to insist on driver only trains + closure of ticket offices as part of their 'concession'
Greedy b*stards at rail co's couldn't give a monkey's about service

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If you're mad about the RMT have a look at the "offer" that has been put to them and ask yourself if you would accept this in your workplace.


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Very happy to have been awarded 'Political Cartoonist of the Year 2022'

Here's a chronological thread of some of my cartoons from 2022: a year that was twenty years long...


Calanais Standing Stones, Isle of Lewis. The 'Shining One' is said to walk the avenue at Midsummer sunrise, his coming heralded by the call of the cuckoo.

#Scotland #History #StandingStones #Blackandwhitephotography #Photography

The atmospheric earthworks of the deserted #medieval village of Nobold, Northants., first recorded in 1284.The hollowed main street runs down the centre of the photo. The bumpy earthworks of abandoned, rectangular house plots defined by ditches to the sides and back line both sides of the street. And the ridges of medieval cultivation are also clearly visible. 1/n

I don't see any international super powers stepping in to sort out the civil unrest in Haiti.
If only they had some oil reserves. 😏

If you’re still against safe, protected bike-lanes in your city, understand this — the safer & more comfortable urban biking is, the more people choose to ride instead of drive. The more people ride instead of drive, the safer it is for EVERYONE, and the better people are able to move IN EVERY WAY, with less space taken, lower public cost, fewer crashes, lower emissions etc.
That literally means that safe, protected bike-lanes BENEFIT EVERYONE.
#cities #urbanism #transportation #bikes #bikelanes

Great ! "Chainsaws fall silent: EU agrees deforestation law" via @greenpeace

In a world first, must show their products have not contributed to if they want to sell them in the , the new was finalised in today.

The law applies , , , , , and coffee, and derived products like , . Yet loopholes remain eg. a gap on

Ken and I are thrilled to share that our family has grown! 💜🌟

Our son, Rai Larson Ithiphol, was brought into the world on Friday, December 2, 2022, by an incredibly generous surrogate, to whom we are eternally grateful. (Rai is pronounced like “rye” or “chai.”)

We love him very much.

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28 years ago today the Budapest Memorandum was signed. Ukraine gave up its nukes; Russia, Great Britain and the US guaranteed Ukraine's security&territorial integrity.

Worth remembering each time you hear/read another pundit preach "Ukraine should sit and negotiate with Russia".

Is it any wonder why Trump wants to terminate the Constitution? Could it be that Section 3 of the 14th Amendment bars anyone from holding office who “engaged in insurrection" against the United States?

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Nadhim Zahawi says unions are trying to spoil Christmas. He’s wrong.

Unions are trying to save Christmas:
🌹time with family & friends, not zero hours contracts or platform work you can’t refuse
🌹decent pay so you affording heating, eating, housing & gifts …



Fuel Poverty 

I can’t believe this isn’t bigger news. In the last year, energy companies have been allowed to force entry to 500,000 poor households while claiming that they’re not vulnerable. The system is totally broken.

#Poverty #Inequality #CorporateGreed #Neoliberalism #UKPolitics #EnoughIsEnough

A beautiful timelapse of the Milky Way galaxy over the ESO 3.6-metre telescope at La Silla in Chile.

Credit: ESO/S. Brunier

#photography #space #night #timelapse

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