Today is the 4th day of the Mari advent! Today's postcard is based on a ghost (with glow in the dark effect) and was requested by @andyravensable who kindly donated to @womensaid who help victims and survivors of domestic abuse.

I've had my application for accepted, and so will be moving over there. Hoping to seamlessly take as many of you with me, but if you see this, and we've lost touch, do come and find me! @[email protected]

What idiot called that little narc Elf on the Shelf and not Police Navidad?

One of the most deeply petty and irritating things for me about Musk is the way he fetishises parts of Iain M Banks’ Culture books. He uses names of the benevolent Culture ships at SpaceX while not realising that Banks wrote a whole fucking book (Surface Detail) where a man identical to Musk is the central villain!

If Banks were alive today I have no doubt that he would publicly identify Musk as the inherited wealth incel sociopath that he is.


🌳 Calling everyone from Bristol, Bath, and Somerset, this is a short notice job but we need your help. Come and help replace 2,000 trees that died last summer (despite watering). We’re squeezing them in early to increase their survival this summer.

#reforestation #climateaction #biodiversity #woodlands

Mondrian Crescent

I love it when train doors align at the end of a tunnel. The red tiles at Green Park station make this the ideal location to capture this moment.

It wasn't luck though, instead I froze the moving train with a fast shutter. It took ages to get it centred.

This final image resembles an abstract art painting by Piet Mondrian.

My dear friend is being treated really badly by their workplace and I want to help them find something better. Their skills include debt advice, money and budget coaching, banking, counselling, copywriting and staying calm in a crisis. They're a kind, gentle and highly competent human who plans to train as an accountant but needs paying work in the meantime. They're looking for remote working, we're based in the UK.

If suitable opportunities come up in your network, please point me at 'em?

Be careful out there in the Fediverse, y’all. This person is a bad faith operative with a long history on Twitter of infiltration, division, and controlled opposition ops:

Give her what she really wants this holiday season. Death to the patriarchy, an ancient tome of curses from the forest witch, the hearts of her enemies, and deep pockets in every dress and pair of pants.

Hi. It would help me a lot if I could get a HEAP of responses to this poll. The goal is to get a decent enough sample so results are predictive of the wider user-base right now. I dislike asking for boosts but this is SCIENCE... or something. (Thanks.)

How do you use Mastodon MOST of the time?

On a phone, or other touch screen device?


On a device with a keyboard like a laptop or desktop computer?

(If it's half and half choose the middle option.)

Alexandra Billings is absolutely killing it as Inspector Ainsley Lowbeer in #thePeripheral. So good to see :heart_transgender:

Thank you @GreatDismal for insisting on it!

Stephen King: wow the way elon musk is running this place, pretty soon the only advertiser left will be My Pillow
King: anyway
King: Submitted for the approval
Elon Musk: [popping out of bushes] ey stepheno king! I hear you a talka shit about me
King: of the Midnight society I call this
Musk: I say, I hear you a talka shit about me

Oof, this hit me in the chest when I saw it, so am passing it on.

Shoot for the moon. If you miss, reload and fire again. The moon must be stopped at all costs.

Me trying explaining to to my friends and family why mastodon is so great and why they should all use it:

For #throwbackthursday, I have been contemplating my journey over the last 15yrs, as that was when my life changed after my fiancee at the time was diagnosed with terminal bowel #cancer.

I was on a life-changing journey for nearly 10yrs before I realised it.

My 2nd wife has been my rock for over 9yrs. She played a huge part in uncovering the journey, & helped pull me inside the plane so I could strap in & enjoy the ride.

A fav scene that is no longer there.

#mentalhealth #photography #trees

I'm wondering where all the other #product people are on Mastodon. I'm a product and deign leader, specialising in #ServiceDesign while doing all things #UX #UserResearch and #ProductManagement.

Reminder that on the Fediverse it's hard to find people if you don't use hashtags!

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