My nine year old thought these were excellent answers. I had to agree!

Feeling very satisfied about my latest Book Purge. Some old friends are heading off to the British Heart Foundation, others are off to a new home in the library at my daughter’s school. Where I hope a teenager might alight on some of the writing that inspired me when I was their age!

And my home library is now so tidy and ZEN… how long will it stay that way?!

Pushing back against claims that the Neolithic Maltese Islanders were too stupid to build the famous megalithic temples on their own:

"In the last decade we have seen how conspiracy theories and distrust in experts impacts the world around us. And research has shown how pseudo archaeology – especially when couched in anti-intellectual rhetoric – can overlap with more dangerous conspiracy thinking."

My #archaeology critique of #AncientApocalypse in @TheConversationUS

Four places to find archaeologists on #Mastodon

The #archaeology hashtag server

GitHub list of archaeologists on Mastodon:

Google sheet list of archaeologists on Mastodon:

Let's cross the threshold to our human past

"Netflix labels Ancient Apocalypse a docuseries. IMDB calls it a documentary. It’s neither. It’s an eight-part conspiracy theory that weaponises dramatic rhetoric against scholars."

My piece in The Conversation arguing for real #archaeology, not #pseudoarcheology

I love this photo of the Snettisham Great torc - it's the one place on this torc where you see an element of the maker/finisher going off piste!

Over the rest of both terminals the linear punching (basketwork) is in square blocks of 3 x 3 lines but here, in these two panels, there's triangles and chevrons and they would seem to be the hand of a different person!

More about this here:

Really looking forward to chatting about all things Neanderthal with Rebecca Wragg Sykes on Monday. And there are still a few tickets left! We’ll be signing books too.

Only a week to go before Meetings with Neanderthals!
Join me and
for this one-off event - talking about all things Neanderthal. Bring your questions! And we'll be signing books too...

My weird and wonderful book of Anatomical Oddities is out TODAY!
In all good bookshops...
A perfect stocking filler for anyone who wants to know their sphincter from their olecranon!

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Very happy to find this group of brilliant scientists and clinicians - who have been so amazing at both sharing their expertise and listening to diverse views and concerns throughout the pandemic - here:
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Very much a newbie on Mastodon, but hoping to find a kinder, more collaborative, supportive community here.

I'm excited this week as my long-standing fascination with anatomy, etymology and art has evolved into a literary offering... Anatomical Oddities - out tomorrow!

Limited signed copies are available:

The Norman conquest illustrated by Hnefatafl and an 11th century mappa mundi. And a new series coming to Channel 4 some time in 2023…

As good a reason as any to put up a post - My co-author Jo Brück and I radiocarbon dated a bunch of isolated human bones from Bronze Age Britain. We found that they were often anomalously old, suggesting that they had been curated for a few generations before being buried. Our new paper (largely driven by Jo!) delves deeper into what all this might mean in the Late Bronze Age and earliest Iron Age (c.1200-700 BC).



I'm an archaeologist, writer, and the author of #KINDRED.
I specialise in #Neanderthals and prehistory more broadly but I'm interested in all sorts of things - time, memory, materiality, cognition, literature, #SETI and more.
You can work with me in many ways including as a scientific consultant. My agent is PEW Literary.
On twitter I'm @LeMoustier and my website is
Instagram I'm @rebeccawraggsykes and mostly post arty photos.

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