Love doing my shopping by bike. Loading up and cruising home at my own speed. Reminds me of summer touring. Also: no parking problems thanks to Roche Bros quality parking. Included apples, oranges potatoes, 6L wine, zucchini, asparagus, celery, garlic, 2 boxes of BellaVita, some sole, bell peppers, lettuce x2, endives, Fruit’n’nut chocolate. You get the idea.

It’s about time I posted a picture of my Happy Sunday from Hampton and Myrtle

With my touring over the past couple of years I wore out by lovey Shwalbe Marathon tires.... so on with a new set of fresh tubeless rubber!

And pastries.

I know it’s not gripping for most, but a rainy grey Sunday was made much better by slapping some new tubeless Surly tires on my Kona Sutra tourer. It’s not easy and incredibly fulfilling when complete. Air compressor, sealant and some elbow grease.

And now to dream of the tours in France and Italy next year. The food, the views, the journey.

A year ago I froze down my starter. This morning I thawed it and started the regeneration process. It's looking and smelling right, so I think in a couple of days it'll be ready to go!

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