I need some advice. I have a Sutra tourer (which I love) with a saddle (which I'm indifferent about).

I've never been really comfortable on it - and I can generally ride on any saddle I'm given.

Are there any secrets to setting it correctly? I often slip off, but if I tilt it up, I feel too much pressure you-know-where.

I've a skinny arse - am I just not the right type to fit?


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@adamshutes This question looks easy but is for a bike fitter. Could be your reach, the hight of your bar, saddle, anything.

@adamshutes Often not cheap, but also often a good investment, might be a visit to a professional bike fitter. We are all individuals with different preferences, riding styles, and body shapes. #Brooks B17 is probably the most popular model with #longdistancetouring crowd, but it's not for everyone.

@adamshutes longtime B17 loyalist here, and you can almost certainly get the saddle to fit you with trial, error & use. Is it new (like the red bike), or does it have the normal 'sag' of a worn in Brooks (like the green bike)? If the latter, you should be able to find the ideal pitch & reach for your butt. If it's the former, it'll need a few 100 kms to get suppleness in the leather.
By the way, that's the same saddle in both pics, 11 years apart.

@JeffHowell most definitely worn in. These pics are great, they show the angle of the seat so thanks!

@adamshutes No probs. If you have a modern micro-adjustable seatpost it's quite easy to adjust by infinitesimally small degrees, eg a 1/4 turn release on the front bolt, & a 1/4 turn tightening on the rear etc etc. Also try sliding the saddle forward and back along the rails - it may be that your bum isn't landing on the bit it's meant to. Mark the saddle's original location with a sharpie on one of the rails before you start as a reference. Goodest luck.

@adamshutes you're probably not suited to it... just pass it on to me! 😉

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