The only thing better than a protected bike lane, is a protected bike lane with streetart and murals on the barriers.
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@[email protected] I saw lots of other bikes on Wednesday night, despite the storm. The truth is that weather, climate, darkness may well stop some people from riding. But plenty of other bike riders embrace it. The idea that biking in Boston just stops between October and April is totally wrong.


Always love the "license cyclists" angle. Even if there was an issue (there isn't) with "reckless" cyclists, we've been licensing drivers for a century and we still can't get one of them to stop at a stop sign.

Love doing my shopping by bike. Loading up and cruising home at my own speed. Reminds me of summer touring. Also: no parking problems thanks to Roche Bros quality parking. Included apples, oranges potatoes, 6L wine, zucchini, asparagus, celery, garlic, 2 boxes of BellaVita, some sole, bell peppers, lettuce x2, endives, Fruit’n’nut chocolate. You get the idea.

COP: Know why I pulled you over?
ME: Austerity policies and tax-cuts for the rich made you a bagman for corrupt revenue quotas?
ME: Blink if yes.

#mbta utterly feckless service level truly something to behold. January cannot come soon enough.

Here’s what Mayor Anne Hidalgo knew when she took office in 2014:

It wasn’t the hills, weather or culture that was preventing Parisians from cycling; it was a lack of safe infrastructure.

With that revelation—and some immense courage—she has unleashed a revolution in the city.

Saved by curvature.... "To the naked eye it appeared over the line, but the decision was made that the curvature of the ball was hanging over the chalk, to the delight of Japan's players."

Tom Simpson (1937-1967) was the first British cyclist to wear the yellow jersey in the Tour de France. During the 1967 Tour he collapsed and died one kilometer short of the top of Mount Ventoux.
Happy #BicycleBirthday, Tom!
#BOTD November 30

The main thing that makes it hard to have nature and green in cities isn’t density of buildings or density of people — it's density of CARS. And the better you’ve designed the density of people and buildings, with real multi-modal choices, the fewer cars you need.

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Pleased as punch to find @TheWarOnCars here - one of the best #podcast shows going. Here is my #ebike cargo crate customized with one of the show's famously cheeky stickers. I get lots of positive comments on it as I cruise around #Vancouver.

We love seeing Tern riders exploring their city & sharing their #MuralMonday. Tag us in photos of your Tern in front of a local mural!!

🚲 #TernLink
📍 Villa Urquiza, #BuenosAires, #Argentina
📸 @ ternicola.arg (IG)
🎨 Unkown Artist

Attention Boston area urbanists - pool night this Thursday with @JeffSpeckFAICP - 6:30 pm at Scholars - 25 School Street in Boston. Easily accessible by all modes, especially walk, bike, and transit. Hope to see you there!


This pair of listening sessions on the #GardenStreet project is certain to attract ample disgruntled drivers and parkers (I should know... some of my relatives will be among them).

Cyclists and other #SafeStreets advocates should make themselves known, and show their support for the city’s planning.

Tue 11/29 6:30pm-8:00pm @ Graham and Parks School

Tue 12/13 6:00pm-8:00pm on Zoom

You've all heard of Elf on the Shelf, but in Canada we have:

@TheWarOnCars as with so many things, the United States is heading the wrong direction on this. I see it as an "all people are equal, some are more equal," proposition. We care more about the convenience of drivers than we do about the lives of pedestrians and bike riders.

🚨BREAKING: Preliminary numbers show that nearly 70,000 Georgia voters cast their ballot today in the run-off election for US Senate. This includes at least 21k in Fulton, 15k in Gwinnett and 7k in DeKalb. We will likely see some additional increases as the night goes on and counties enter the last of their numbers.

This is the result of a lawsuit my team brought on behalf of the Democratic Party and Warnock campaign to reverse contrary guidance given by Georgia.

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