The power of Mastodon! Two photos showing the barns decline over the last two years and now the farmer has decided to knock it down completely. I’ll be careful what I post about in future!

When Mone was negotiating with Hancock, do you think they clinched the deal?

This is an image just a few miles from where I grew up.

I was lucky to spend my childhood on the edge of the Peak District. This gorge is an internationally important ancient woodland & it may also be a candidate temperate #rainforest.

The limestone gorge is covered in woodland full of moss & lichens. Liverworts have been recorded in studies there. More recently, it’s been hit by ash dieback*, affecting a large proportion of the trees there.

#mosstodon #trees #woodland #woodlandphotography

#birds #Nature #BirdPhotogaphy #photos #pnw Mean look from a sweet little bird. A flock of bushtit have returned to our feeder. They are my favorite little flying fluffs.

💔💥💔💥Not only is this utterly abhorrent, but we now have #matthancock flaunting his mendacious fictions about #carehomes in his gutter press book. Which I urge you, esp if you lost a beloved family member not to buy. #ToryCorruption #ToryScumOut

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The Berlin Wall lasted 28 years, It started to crumble 33 years ago.

Mondrian Crescent

I love it when train doors align at the end of a tunnel. The red tiles at Green Park station make this the ideal location to capture this moment.

It wasn't luck though, instead I froze the moving train with a fast shutter. It took ages to get it centred.

This final image resembles an abstract art painting by Piet Mondrian.

View from the gate: nothing to report, move on with your day.

One of the nicest things about #Shetland winters is when the mirrie dancers appear. Mirr means blur in Shetland #dialect. Tonight as I watched the #AuroraBorealis , it really did appear like dancing figures, the speed of their movement obscuring their edges as they merged with the darkness #nature #Scotland #aurora


I spoke to Lewis Goodall as a UK nurse who has voted for strike. I explained why we felt this decision was justified

Please consider a reblog for me as I'm pretty new here

#nhs #nhsstrike #nurses #nursesstrike #fairpayfornursing #enoughisenough #joinaunion #healthcare

I stopped posting on Twitter a week ago because I don’t want to help a nazi sympathizing billionaire man-baby with his website. Feels good to not be doing that. Can I get an amen?

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My 12 year old son is currently in critical condition in the hospital he needs a liver transplant ASAP. I’d appreciate a RT to help him find a donor in Ohio (AB+) Thank You 🙏🏽


The German word "warum" means "why".

The German word "wieso" means "why".

The German word "weshalb" means "why".

The German word "weswegen" means "why".

And now you're all wondering: "But ... why?"

Well, ... darum.*

Enjoy our language!


(*"Darum" means "just because" and is the shortest answer to every warum-question you can think of - and don't really want to answer. Actually, the same goes for "deshalb" and "deswegen" - but there's no "dieso".)

The value of looking backwards. A shot from two years ago, and a glance backwards when out walking the dog.

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