Really depressing to hear Starmer claiming he can rebuild public services with such timid tax changes

Ending non-dom rule and tax breaks to public school are marginal changes

We need a fully fledged to bring in enough money to fund the public services we deserve

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🚌 We need to make public transport a real alternative to get around.

🚄 Across Europe, governments are encouraging people to use by making it affordable.

💰 We could fund cheaper travel by scrapping the road building programme


Mishap Hussein: Do you think rejoining the single market would boost economic growth?
Keir Starmer: No I don’t
I’m sorry, but I don’t think we need another liar for our next PM

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On this day in 1969, activist and chairman of the Black Panther Party Fred Hampton, was assassinated by Chicago police and the FBI at just 21 years old.

William O'Neal, an FBI informant, infiltrated the Black Panthers and set up Fred Hampton for $300.



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As ponders mine, @[email protected]’s Tony Danker tells @[email protected] the U.K.’s future growth will come from the green economy. I couldn’t find a single UK steel firm that wanted Cumbrian coal @[email protected] @[email protected]


😩 Devastating account of health inequalities across the UK
😡 Tory cuts to health and other services are causing serious economic as well as social damage
😢 Record numbers of people are too ill to work in Tory Britain

The Brown report is a smoke-screen to cover Labour’s failure to support a fair voting system

Labour members and the country at large are crying out for fair votes, genuine electoral competition and the end of the moribund two-party system

It’s clear that a large majority support a much closer relationship with the EU

But a ‘Swiss-style’ deal with never be on the table - the EU detests it even for Switzerland!

It will be being a rule-taker or deciding to

I know which I prefer

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Support for elements of a Swiss-style EU deal


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🗳️ Could @[email protected] win a 2nd seat?

New boundaries created new seat of Bristol Central - even stronger for Greens than the old Bristol West.

In 2021 locals, Greens won Central by a 22pt margin and won 11 of 14 seats - coming within just 319 votes of winning *all the seats*.


OPINION: Big Tech is failing. The future of democracy depends on what happens next.

"The Musk-Twitter apocalypse is a symptom of a much bigger crisis. To avoid a bleak future we have to bring the big platforms under our control."

#Democracy #neoliberalism #bigtech #tech

🙄 Tory solution to massive strike wave: bring in the army

💚 Green solution: tax the rich to fund a proper pay rise for public-sector workers

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We need joined up government action to tackle growing fuel poverty.

That's why @[email protected] is calling for a nationwide home insulation programme, more support with bills for people with disabilities and free hot school dinners for all children.


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💪 @[email protected] outlining the big transport wins @[email protected] have achieved in government:

🚌 More affordable
🚆 New train lines
🚇 A new metro for Dublin

That's thats the action you get when Greens are in government!


'The argument of the last PM – that the only route to economic success is to allow inequality in our country to grow even greater – is simply wrong.'

Inequality is bad for us all

Strong argument for a jointly from millionaire and care worker

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Historic moment as @[email protected] Clean Air (Human Right) Bill passes the House of Lords. A Conservative MP sponsored the private members bill that government enacted in 1956. If this govt doesn't act then hope other parties include in their manifestos.


Chester by-election is a crushing defeat for Rishi Sunak

This is what the figures show, with Tory vote share at 22%

But not how it's being reported by @[email protected]

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